Constitutional amendment proposed and more political law links

CONVENTION PARTY TIME.  NJ.  “But a prominent ethics group says the national parties have gotten so good at disregarding a law that prohibited corporations from funding conventions that it was news this year when some companies said they wouldn’t give.”

CLINTON PROPOSES CFR.  WSJ.  “Hillary Clinton on Saturday will pledge to make an overhaul of the campaign-finance system an urgent priority, as she announces plans to introduce a constitutional amendment overturning the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling during the first 30 days of her administration.”

COST OF PENCE.  NPR.  “Presidential nominees choose vice presidential running mates for what they add to the ticket, whether it be experience or the capacity to draw votes. Here’s what Mike Pence might subtract from this fall’s Republican ticket with Donald Trump: an unknowable amount of campaign cash from the financial services industry.”

PENCE AND PERSONAL USE.  WP.  “According to FEC documents, Pence spent a total of $12,867 from his 1990 campaign account for personal expenses, including seven installments of his $992 monthly mortgage and his wife’s $222 a month car payment.”

AK:  ETHICS COMPLAINT.  NM.  “A North Pole legislator has filed an ethics complaint against Gov. Bill Walker for issuing a statement suggesting he would campaign for lawmakers who support him in the ongoing budget battles.”

AZ:  CONTRIBUTIONS RETURNED.  AZDS.  “Note to local business owners: If you want to donate to a candidate, don’t write the check on your business account.”

ME:  VIEW ON INDEPENDENT MONEY.  PH.  “While most of the discussion about the dangers of dark money has focused on the federal level, the real impact may be in state races, where relatively small amounts of money, spent at the last minute, can make a big difference in a race where voters know much less about the candidates than they know about the people running for president.”


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