Tweet No. 4798 (political law links)

DELEGATES WIN.  PRN.  “The delegates and Pillar brought suit in Wyoming federal court due to a ban against giving any assistance to delegates by corporations, even non-profits.”

LOBBYISTS BUNDLING.  WFB.  “Ted Strickland, a Democratic candidate for Senate in Ohio, accepted over $118,000 in bundled lobbyist contributions this year while his campaign blasted his competitor for relying on ‘wealthy special interests.'”

LOBBYIST RETIRING.  Hill.  “Bruce Josten, second in command at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, will be retiring at the end of the year, the powerful business group announced on Monday.”

CA:  LOBBYISTS RULE.  SB.  “Lobbyists are required to file quarterly reports with the state that outline their attempts to sway officials. But the Fair Political Practices Commission is concerned that consultants are lobbying officials without registering with the state, which keeps the public in the dark about the forces behind laws and regulations.”

FL:  SUPER PAC LITIGATION.  BM.  “The ordinance would establish contribution limits for independent-expenditure committees, essentially abolishing super PACs in the city.”

IN:  ABOUT THAT PENCE WARCHEST.  IPM.  “Through the last campaign finance filing period,which ended June 30th, Pence had more than $7 million in his gubernatorial campaign account. That money is now in limbo as state Republicans wait to see what the governor will do with it.”

MO:  COMPLAINT FILED.  STL.  “A former Missouri Republican legislator has filed a state ethics complaint against GOP governor candidate Eric Greitens, alleging that a donation of almost $2 million that Greitens received this month from the unnamed backers of a federal ‘super PAC’ was designed to sidestep Missouri’s campaign disclosure rules.”


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