McMullin-mentum and Tuesday’s other political law links are right here

RNC RULEZ.  CBS.  “Members of Free the Delegates — the same group that led an unsuccessful movement to allow delegates to ‘vote their conscience’ at the convention — are now petitioning the Republican National committee to hold an emergency meeting to revoke Trump’s nomination, the Washington Post first reported.”

MCMULLIN LAUNCH.  USAT.  “Monday morning [McMullin] announced he was running for president of the United States, and by the end of the day he had his own super PAC backing his quirky independent bid.”

MCMULLIN ON THE BALLOT.  PBS.  “McMullin needs 36,000 signatures to get on the ballot in Arizona, but the filing deadline there is Sept. 9., which gives him more time. Arizona is seen as another potential pickup for Clinton, and reports began circulating Monday that McMullin was considering competing there.”

GETTING INTERACTIVE.  PBS.  “Explore the interactive maps below to investigate the difference between campaign contributions for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.”

SIGNS OF LIFE.  T.  “New records released Monday show Lets Clean Up Washington spent almost $50,000 on a direct mail supporting Beruff. That is in addition to nearly $52,000 it spent a week before that.”

CHALLENGER COMPLAINS.  WLRN.  “Canova claims the leaked emails show Wasserman Schultz illegally used DNC resources for her reelection campaign. He says his opponent used these resources to monitor his campaign and media coverage.”

HONDA DEFENSE DONORS.  LAT.  “Some of the very political benefactors whose names are involved in an ethics complaint against Rep. Mike Honda are helping him defend against it.”

POKEMON LOBBY.  DC.  “Former Arkansan Republican Sen. Tim Hutchinson is now a registered lobbyist for the company behind the popular new Pokémon GO app on Capitol Hill.”

LOBBYIST BAIL.  ABC.  “A former United Airlines lobbyist charged last month with being the middleman in a shakedown involving the ex-chairman of the agency that controls New York City-area airports didn’t enter a plea during an initial court appearance Wednesday.”

CA:  DONOR FINED.  MN.  “A Coliseum authority board member with ties to Councilwoman Desley Brooks has agreed to pay the state $5,000 for laundering donations to Brooks’ 2014 campaign, the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission said Monday.”

CA:  DISMISSAL SOUGHT.  SFE.  “A year and a half after being fined $191,000 for campaign violations, Supervisor Mark Farrell’s lawsuit to overturn the fine will be heard in court this week.”

CO:  POTENTIAL FILING ISSUES.  CI.  “Since Vital for Colorado and Building a Better Colorado are registered as nonprofits with the Secretary of State — and not as campaign committees —  their funding sources aren’t disclosed through the campaign finance system.”

VA:  FELONS MUST WAIT.  WP.  A “self-imposed deadline came and went Monday without a single felon’s rights having been restored.”

VA:  OFFICIAL PROBE.  WTOP.  “Authorities say they will investigate allegations that the vice mayor of Newport News may have violated campaign finance reporting laws.”


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