Raised limits in Canada, foreign money in Australia, political law links here

PAY TO PLAY AND SWAP DEALERS.  HLS.  “As election season enters full swing, with political candidates at all levels actively soliciting campaign donations from individuals and companies, it is an ideal time for all companies to review the policies and procedures in place for political donations.”

UNLIKELY DONOR.  Time.  “The Center for Public Integrity has determined that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump accepted an illegal contribution from a Canadian Muslim with a soft spot for Syrian refugees earlier this year.”

MONEY SHIFT.  Hill.  “The Senate Leadership Fund will cut back on advertising scheduled to air in the Erie, Johnstown and Harrisburg media markets between Oct. 4 and Oct. 24, according to both Democratic and Republican sources watching the advertising market. The group had reserved a total of $6.1 million on advertisements backing Toomey.”

CO:  COURT TO HEAR APPEAL  DP.  “The Colorado Supreme Court will decide whether legal help to those engaged in political speech must be treated as political contributions under state campaign finance laws.”

NY:  NONPROFIT MUST COMPLY.  WSJ.  “A political nonprofit tied to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio must hand over documents to a state ethics panel investigating the group’s conduct, a state justice ruled.”

AUS:  MOVE TO BAN FOREIGN MONEY (IN AUSTRALIA).  DT.  “While current MPs fought over who had the strongest plan to crack down on an important means of democratic participation, another former prime minister — John Howard — was resolute in his defence of political donations…”

CAN:  INCREASED LIMITS.  CH.  “At Monday’s meeting of the special committee on ethics and accountability, NDP MLAs proposed a $4,000 annual limit on political contributions, with no change in election years.”


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