Term limits support and political law links

SUPPORT FOR TERM LIMITS.  WP.  “Donald Trump on Tuesday said that he’ll push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on members of Congress if he’s elected to the White House.”

D TAPE FALLOUT.  WE.  “A top staffer at the progressive advocacy group Americans United for Change was fired from his post on Tuesday after he was caught on camera claiming the organization paid mentally ill people to instigate violence at campaign events for Donald Trump.”

TEAM RIP.  WE. “Hillary Clinton’s chief legal counsel excoriated one of President Obama’s most high profile appointees on the Federal Election Commission for what he said was an ‘endless desire to be portrayed in the press as a profile in courage.'”

EVALUATING RIGGING.  WP.  “But stealing an election in this country isn’t easy. In fact, experts say it’s nearly impossible given how voting works. And documented instances of voter fraud are actually very

BIG V. SMALL DONORS.  Atlantic. “The truth is that small donors aren’t as important to campaigns as they were before internet fundraising became popular, while the very biggest donors have become significantly more prominent in recent years.”

VISUALIZE CAMPAIGN MONEY.  WP.   “Campaign-finance.org is an artificial intelligence tool to help journalists quickly and efficiently uncover story ideas in campaign finance data.”

BUS WASTE ISSUE.  WP.  Maybe wait a few hours after breakfast before reading this one.  “The DNC later apologized in statements to local media and USA Today, calling the bus leak an ‘honest’ and ‘unacceptable’ mistake.”

CO:  DISCLOSURE NOTED.  DP.  “Dark money — millions of dollars spent on political messaging across the nation that can’t be tracked to a specific donor — is playing a role in politics right here in Colorado.”

MA:  CALL FOR PANEL.  BH.  “State lawmakers are weighing a proposal by House Speaker Robert DeLeo to create a special panel to review ethical guidelines for public officials in Massachusetts.”

MT:  JUDGES PREFER YOU DON’T MENTION CANDIDATES, OK?  MTS.  “This letter is prompted by our concern over recent dark money attacks on a current candidate for the Montana Supreme Court. The anonymous and inflammatory communications have a significant potential impact on the integrity and independence of the Montana Judiciary.”

TN:  HIT WITH COMPLAINT.   TN. “Democratic state Senate candidate Erin Coleman has been hit with a complaint from a past Republican operative who contends she’s ineligible to run for office until she resolves campaign finance matters from her previous Metro Council campaign.”

TX:  MOBILE VOTING CHALLENGE.  VC.  “The lawsuit claims mobile polling places approved by the Commissioners Court were selected to favor the Healthcare District. Rice and Quintana want a judge to sign a temporary restraining order, which would block mobile polling places during early voting.”

VA:  GUNS A WORRY.  WP.  “The Prince William County electoral board, wary of the heated atmosphere of the coming Election Day, considered seeking a one-day ban on weapons at polling places located on private property but was rebuked by a gun-friendly state legislator.”


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