Soft money hopes and more political law links

LAWSUIT HOPES.  CC.  “The Republican Party of Louisiana has been fighting to end restrictions on ‘soft money’ political donations.”

UPDATED (C)(3) GUIDE.  Steven Sholk’s “A Guide to Election Year Activities of Section 501(c)(3) Organizations” has been published by Practising Law Institute as part of its “Tax Strategies for Corporate Acquisitions, Dispositions, Spin-Offs, Joint Ventures, Financings & Restructurings 2016” offering.  Here‘s the updated article.

LISTS LIVE ON.  RC.  “Candidates — even failed ones — hold onto those email lists and use them to advance future endeavors, whether it’s their next political venture or someone else’s, or simply a cause they’re passionate about.”

MAKING SUPER PACS IRRELEVANT.  WE.  “A bill being floated by Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Mark Meadows would centralize the campaign finance system, increase transparency of donations, and effectively put an end to super

MA:  CONFIDENTIAL MATTERS.  BG.  “The same law that demands transparency of campaign contributions shields those accused of violations from being called out too close to Election Day.”

MO:  GIFTS DOWN.  STL.  “Between 2004 and 2014, lobbyist gifts to public officials in Missouri each year hovered reliably around $1 million, with most of the money going to members of the Legislature. While items like free trips and World Series tickets garnered headlines, the vast majority of freebies came in the form of an endless supply of meals for state legislators.”

NY:  SWEEPING NEW RULES.  TU.  “Abel also addressed a proposed regulation requiring lobbying groups to disclose third-party ‘beneficial That’s defined as a person or organization that actually benefits from a lobbying group’s efforts, not just the lobbying group itself.”

OR:  CAMPAIGN FINANCE RUSH.  PT.  “Also on the agenda is Commissioner Amanda Fritz’s proposed public campaign finance program, officially called the Open and Accountable Elections Process.”

TX:  ALLEGED LOOPHOLE.  SM.  “Seeking re-election, Austin City Council Member Sheri Gallo says in a mailer to voters in West Austin’s District 10 that challenger Alison Alter ‘exploited a campaign loophole to obtain over $64,000 in public dollars to fund her campaign.'”


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