Political law links from CA, DC, NH, SD

NEW PAC.  CD.  “Ohio Republican J. Kenneth Blackwell has formed a super-PAC to help spread the cause of conservatism.”

CA:  FULL INVESTIGATION.  LASR.  “The Fair Political Practices Commission will investigate spending by United Teachers Los Angeles on a public relations campaign supporting LA Unified school board President Steve Zimmer, who is running for reelection.”

CA:  GIFT REPORTING.  SB.  “Every year, lobbyist employers shower lawmakers and their staff with free meals, tickets and goodie bags – but no one got more in 2016 than Assemblyman Jim Cooper, according to a Sacramento Bee analysis of lobbying filings.”

CA:  WARREN TO FIGHT.  SB.  “Sacramento Councilman Allen Warren said Tuesday he will appeal a $1,002 fine by the state’s political watchdog agency for reporting violations during his City Council race in 2012, a day after he said he agreed to pay the proposed penalty.”

DC:  BOWSER COMPLAINT.  WCP.  “Public Citizen filed a complaint with the regulatory body today asking it to investigate 23 contributions amounting to $31,500 during the 2014 mayoral campaign that it says violated the legal $2,000 limit for donors.”

NH:  OK FOR AMENDMENT.  SCO.  “After a lengthy and sometimes tense debate, the City Council voted 7-2 to have the city attorney draft an amendment to a city ordinance that would force groups that spend money to endorse a slate of candidates to disclose where that money came from.”

NH:  ENFORCEMENT CALL.  UL.  “After spending way too much time looking at 2016 campaign finance reports, I am more convinced than ever that the New Hampshire Legislature needs to fix the problems with lack of enforcement of the state’s campaign finance laws.”

NY:  CORPORATE GIVING.  GG.  “The New York Joint Commission on Public Ethics, an oversight panel, recently proposed legislation to increase the requirements for lobbyists to disclose their political fundraising. The recommendation would help show the ways in those seeking to influence policy by day are raising money for policy-makers by night.”

SD:  LIMITS RESTORED.  SDP.  “South Dakota lawmakers want limits on campaign donations… to stay at the level they were before Initiated Measure 22.”

TX:  TEC REFORM.  HCN.  “With the March 10 filing deadline approaching, Sen. Brian Birdwell (R-Granbury) filed several more bills, including SB 612 – the Ethics Commission Reform Bill. The intent of the bill is to provide clear direction to the Texas Ethics Commission, the powers and duties of which are determined by the Legislature.”

TX:  SIGN TIPS.  NC10.  “The rules are set out by the Texas Ethics Commission.”


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