Rules, pleas, fines, and more political law links

RULE MAKES NO SENSE.   WE.  “Republicans and Democrats tend to disagree about how much regulation of campaign finance is desirable, but we all ought to want laws that make sense.”

FIGHTING CHARGES AT TRIAL.   CNS.  “Former Texas Congressman Steve Stockman pleaded not guilty Monday to federal charges he defrauded charities to fund his campaigns, and his attorney said he’s looking forward to being vindicated at trial.”

AL:  GUILTY PLEA.   WP.  “Bentley also pleaded guilty on Monday to two misdemeanor charges related to covering up the alleged affair, one for failing to file a major contribution report and another for knowingly using campaign contributions for personal use, according to the state’s attorney general office.”

CA:  GROUP FACES FINE.   LAT.  “A national anti-marijuana coalition is facing $6,000 in fines for campaign finance violations in its opposition to Proposition, 64, a November ballot measure that legalized recreational use of cannabis in California.”

IA:  CONVICTIONS APPEALED.    IPR.   “Three staffers from Rep. Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign were at the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis last week. They’re appealing criminal convictions related to a conspiracy to hide payments to former Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson, who resigned endorsed Paul days before the Iowa Caucuses.”

MO:  LOBBYIST LIMIT MOVES.   KCS.  “The bill approved unanimously Monday would cap how much a lobbyist could spend on a gift to a lawmaker at $10 a day. That cap also would apply to the lawmaker’s staff, spouse or children. Gifts could still be given to groups, such as the entire Senate, as long as every member of the General Assembly is invited at least 72 hours beforehand.”

PA:  BURDEN ON BUSINESS.   MCC.  “Passed after the FBI raided Allentown City Hall, the law not only requires a contractor to report contributions, but also to report any requests made by a county employee — whether a contribution was made or not.”

WA:  COMPLAINTS FILED.   WAAG.  “A review by AGO staff determined that Peterson failed to provide a detailed description of $3,255.97 in expenses (including the vendors used by his campaign consultant), failed to disclose over $2,048 in campaign debt, and failed to timely disclose at least $13,522 in expenditures and in-kind contributions. The late disclosures were between six and 31 days late, and primarily related to post-election surplus fund transfers.”


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