Political Law Links for May 4, 2017

BUFFETT PRESSED.   FB.  “Shareholder advisory firms are recommending that Democratic billionaire Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway start disclosing its political spending to the public, according to a Fox Business report.”

SUPER PAC FILM.  SAL.  “The upcoming documentary ‘PACmen’ gives us a look at what the super PAC forces behind Dr. Ben Carson’s failed 2016 presidential campaign were thinking and feeling…”

CA:  NONPROFIT TARGET.   SC.  ” California’s new attorney general said Wednesday that he plans to target political nonprofit organizations that he said mislead donors and influence campaigns.”

MN:  TAKING A SWING.  ST.  “A GOP provision before the Legislature would eliminate the state’s public subsidy for candidates who agree to abide by voluntary spending limits.”

NJ:  BALLOT CHALLENGE FAILS.   NJ.  “Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli on Monday survived an attempt by rival Kim Guadagno to knock him off the GOP primary ballot.”  (This was a few weeks ago.)

VA:  DOMINION CONTRIBUTIONS AT ISSUE.  WP.  “In this era of populist politics and mistrust of big institutions, the crosshairs have settled on one of Virginia’s most formidable corporate titans. Dominion, which has given $425,000 to Democrats and $356,000 to Republicans in the past year, finds its role in the political process being challenged in unfamiliar ways.”

WI:   ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENT BID.   DCN.  “Alex Virijevich won’t be eligible to serve in the House of Representatives until 2030, although the Chippewa Falls middle schooler didn’t let that stop him from throwing his hat in the ring — sort of.”

HAVE A GOOD DAY.   I’ll send around the next set of political law links on Monday.  Have a great weekend.

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