Political Law Links, 6-6-17

“TIME FOR WEINTRAUB TO STEP DOWN?”  CampaignFreedom.org.  “When Commissioner Weintraub engages in ad hominem public attacks on the lawyers representing parties before her agency, repeatedly criticizes the President on matters outside her jurisdiction — or worse, within it — speaks publicly about pending MURs, and announces in advance her views on issues she will have to vote on, it is a problem, not just for her and the Agency she represents, but for the American public.”

WH AND ETHICS.  WP.  “Is the White House claiming it is ‘beyond the reach of basic ethics requirements’?”

KY:  HOME ETHICS.   USN.  “Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin was hit with a second ethics complaint, this time from a Democratic lawmaker, over questions about the purchase of the Republican’s personal home.”

MT:  CANDIDACY FILED.   HELAIR.  “Republican Congressman-elect Greg Gianforte, who has not yet made a court appearance in his alleged assault on a reporter the day before his election, has filed paperwork indicating he will run next year to keep his seat.”

PA:  TEACHER DRAWS SCRUTINY FOR BILLBOARD.   PHIL.  “‘It seems like they’re trying to silence me, like an intimidation factor,’ Bezanis said of the Board of Ethics. ‘I’m fed up with it.'”

TN:  POTENTIAL ISSUES CITED.   TN.  “A prominent West Tennessee state senator who ran for congress in 2016 gave thousands of dollars from his state campaign fund to lawmakers who also personally donated to his federal campaign fund, according to state and federal records.”

TX:  TEC FINE.   DN.  “The Texas Ethics Commission has imposed a $3,400 fine on Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price for not properly documenting political contributions, among other violations of campaign finance disclosure rules.”

FRA:  BANKS AND POLITICSWSJ.  “French politicians and the banking giants that have long funded them are heading for a divorce.”


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