7.25 political law links

WELLS FARGO:  RENEWED SCRUTINY.   AB.  “Wells Fargo, already in the regulatory spotlight because of last year’s fake-accounts scandal, is drawing renewed scrutiny after a lawyer’s unauthorized release of sensitive client details for tens of thousands of accounts belonging to wealthy customers of its brokerage unit.”

FOREIGN NATIONAL PROTECTION LACKING.  BB.  “A new study reveals that 44 percent of members of Congress with active donation pages do not require industry-standard credit card security codes for online donations—a vulnerability that makes fraudulent foreign donations more likely.”

BIOTECH POLITICAL ACTIVITY UPDATE.   STAT.  “This year, a critical and risky one for drug companies, the industry as a whole is ratcheting up campaign donations and its presence on Capitol Hill, a new database compiled by Kaiser Health News shows.”

RENT PAID.   WIRED.  “Nearly $400,000 of that campaign money went to rent at Trump Tower, with $90,000 going to The Trump Corporation for “legal consulting,” nearly $60,000 to the Trump International Golf Club, $15,000 to the Trump International Hotel in DC, and about $1,700 to Trump-brand bottled water, among various payments.”

WERTHEIMER ON FOREIGN NATIONALS.   JS.  “Whether that information in the folder was something ‘of value’ to the campaign is a question that requires investigation.”

MA:  VIOLATION FOUND.   HN.  “The Office of Campaign and Political Finance has found that Mayor Jasiel Correia II’s political committee failed to comply with campaign finance laws and now must provide additional reporting information through 2018 or face legal action.”

NH:  REAL REFORM SOUGHT.   AC.   “The Real Reform Amendment, if adopted, would require federal candidates to raise their funds exclusively from their own constituents. Lobbyists could continue to visit senators and representatives and their staffs and offer opinions on bills under consideration. They could no longer be seen as a source of campaign contributions.”

NM:  SUIT TO USE FUNDS.  RC.  “Republican Rep. Steve Pearce is suing New Mexico’s Democratic Secretary of State to use his $1 million congressional campaign war chest for his gubernatorial bid.”

NY:  HANDLING DONORS.   NYP.  “Mayor de Blasio’s attempt to pressure a city agency to give favorable treatment to a major campaign donor was condemned by his Republican and Democratic challengers Monday — and even by Democratic insiders who routinely take the mayor’s side.”

NY:  ILLEGAL SCHEME ALLEGED.   WES.   “The former owner of a Rockland County bus company has been arrested and charged in connection with an illegal campaign contribution scheme.”

OH:  COMMISSION RULES.   BJ.  “Mayor John Cranley’s re-election campaign did not collect campaign contributions beyond what is allowed by state law or Cincinnati’s charter, the Cincinnati Elections Commission ruled on Monday.”

TX:  CLOSE LOOPHOLE.   CHRON.  “A law passed in the same era forbids legislators and statewide office holders from accepting any campaign cash during regular sessions of the Legislature. But as the Chronicle’s James Drew reports from our Capitol bureau, that rule doesn’t apply during special sessions.”


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