8.17 political law links

WATCHDOG APPOINTMENTS.   CBS.  “Mr. Trump has only nominated one watchdog to fill the 13 current vacancies among inspectors general, even though he pledged to ‘drain the swamp’ during his campaign.”

CA:  ROSS JOHNSON, 77.   OCR.  “When Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed him to head the Fair Political Practices Commission in 2007, Johnson soon suggested Schwarzenegger’s idea to ban fundraising during budget season was impractical and ‘suspect constitutionally.'”

MT:  JAIL OVER FINE.   GFT.  “A former Montana state legislator has been jailed for failing to pay a $59,000 fine for violating campaign finance laws.”

NY:  MAYOR MONEY RACE.   BN.  “Byron W. Brown’s money machine keeps rolling, helping the incumbent mayor build what is close to a $600,000 campaign fund as the Democratic primary election enters its final month.”

NC:  AGAINST MONEY.   CO.  “A political group trying to drive big money out of politics is endorsing three House Democratic candidates — and declaring it an electoral necessity that the party adopt an aggressive message of campaign finance reform.”

OR:  KNIGHT GIVES.   RG.  “Nike co-founder Phil Knight contributed $500,000 to the campaign of Oregon GOP gubernatorial hopeful Knute Buehler this week, continuing his recent history of massive donations in Oregon governor’s races.”


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