9.7 political law links

AD BUY.  NBC.  “Facebook said on Wednesday it had found that an influence operation likely based in Russia spent $100,000 on thousands of ads promoting divisive social and political messages in a two-year-period through May. ”

KEY AD QUESTION.   WP.  “The question that arises in the context of the Russia investigation is twofold. The first is, how many other people saw the ads?”

PROSECUTOR’S CASE.   NPR.  “Justice Department prosecutor Peter Koski began his opening arguments in federal court in Newark with a seemingly innocuous story: ‘A few years ago, a man sent an email requesting a hotel room for a long weekend in Paris.'”

ACCESS NOTED.  NW.  “Although it is not illegal for the executives and lobbyists to pay membership fees and dues to a country club, the USA Today report does suggest that Trump and business and government insiders could be blurring ethical lines.”

NM:  HANGING OVER RACE.  BNA.  “New Mexico’s gubernatorial race could be transformed by a federal court’s decision on campaign money.”

NY:  VIOLATIONS ALLEGED.   OSS.  “Catherine Borgia, the Majority Leader of the Westchester County Board of Legislators has failed to file seven campaign finance disclosures since Oct. 2015, according to her opponent Republican Bob Outhouse.”

OR:  NEW COUNTY REFORMS.   PM.  “So what are elections officials telling candidates for county office about accepting big checks? To ask their own lawyer.”

CAN:  REFORM IN THE AIR.   CBC.  “The looming municipal election in Calgary is prompting cries for change once again on aspects of the city’s municipal campaign finance rules — from a lack of spending or fundraising caps to donor lists that don’t need to be made public until after the election to third-party advertisers operating without much oversight.”

GUAT:  PRESIDENT INVESTIGATED.   REU.  “Guatemala’s top court opened the way on Monday for an investigation of President Jimmy Morales for alleged illegal campaign finances, but Congress will have the final say on removing his presidential immunity and could yet block the probe.”


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