12.4 political law links

AWAITING FATE. TB. “A federal judge is expected to sentence former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown on Monday for fraud and other charges related to a purported charity for poor students that she used as a personal slush fund.”

INVESTMENT FUNDS. CJ. “John Thune has so much campaign money socked away that he now makes more from interest and dividends than some other politicians collect from donors.”

DONOR DISCLOSURE. AL. “But in a state where out-of-state interference is seen as poisonous by many voters, the true identity of the donors to Highway 31, which exists to support Democratic candidate Doug Jones, has been carefully shielded from Alabama voters by legally evading Federal Election Commission disclosure rules.”

CORPORATE MEDIA LOBBYING GAME. PC. While both the Times and the Obama administration believed in sweeping government censorship during elections — or at least when most voters pay attention (i.e., right before Election Day) — they thought one group should be exempt from these prohibitions: newspapers and other media outlets.”

CA: COUNCILWOMAN CLEARED. OCR. “Costa Mesa Councilwoman Katrina Foley was cleared of any wrongdoing by the California Fair Political Practices Commission following a complaint that she solicited campaign donations under the pretext of charitable giving.”


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