3.6.18 (political law links)

ZOMBIE UPDATE.   WZZM.  “Riegle’s campaign account is one of them identified in the investigation, not necessarily because he was spending money on himself, but because he was giving money to campaigns while he had ties to the lobbying industry.”

AWARD DECLINED.   TD. “After a chat with FCC ethics lawyers, Pai appears to have finally realized that accepting the award probably wouldn’t be a particularly bright idea.”

MA:  CONSIDERING CHALLENGE.  ML.  “The Supreme Judicial Court will consider a challenge to a Massachusetts law that requires voters to register at least 20 days before an election. It will also consider a separate case challenging a campaign finance law that prohibits businesses from making political contributions.”

RI:  PROBATION IN CASE.   RIPR.  “Former Rhode Island State Rep. Peter Palumbo, a Cranston Democrat, in plea deal with the attorney general’s office in a campaign finance case, has been found guilty of unlawful appropriation of more than $1,000 from his campaign fund, sentenced to probation and ordered pay restitution.”

TX:  FINES NOT PAID.   TM.  “More than 260 candidates owe the state of Texas $1.1 million in fines for failing to file legally required campaign finance reports. Loopholes in enforcement make it difficult to collect the fines or punish the delinquents.”


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