6.28.18 political law links

DISCLAIMER HEARING.   CPI.  “While invited, Google, Facebook and Twitter declined to testify at Wednesday’s FEC hearing, although all did submit written comments. (The FEC says it received ‘165,800 public comments and signatories to others’ comments’ overall.)” HEARING DAY ][.  The hearing will continue … Continue reading

6.26.18 political law links

CA:  NEW CHAIR.    WV.  “Gov. Jerry Brown has appointed Alice Travis Germond of West Hollywood, as chairperson of the California Fair Political Practices Commission… She was California political director for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign in 1992 and super delegate director for … Continue reading

6.21.18 political law links

COORDINATION RULES.   POL.  “Coordination between campaigns and outside groups is illegal, though both parties’ election lawyers regularly give candidates a green light to evade that ban by sharing information in the public domain — for example, posting long YouTube clips clearly meant … Continue reading