10.10.18 Political Law Links

WHAT MONEY BUYS.   HILL.  “While money doesn’t win elections — and the more that is spent during a campaign, the less bang a candidate gets for each buck spent — there’s little doubt that it helps. It mostly helps campaigns buy television and digital advertising spots, which in turn raise the candidate’s recognition among the voters.”

AZ:  COMPLAINT ON MEASURE.   F10.  “Officials with the City of Mesa say they are looking into whether text messages sent in regards to a municipal ballot measure may have violated state election law.”

AR:  DISCLOSURE ADVOCATED.   TNT.  “The Arkansas Senate Ethics Committee has a recommended a rule change that would require state senators who are attorneys or consultants to disclose lobbyist relationships and related income.”

CT:  SUPER PAC COMPLAINT.   EW3.  “Watch dog group, Common Cause, says Change CT has been pumping outside money into Republican state races without disclosing where the money is going.”

GA:  WHAT REPORTS SHOW.   MJO.   “The latest round of campaign finance reports have been filed, giving voters insight into how much money candidates are raising and spending on their bids to gain office.”

SD:  LAWSUIT FILED.   AL.  “A national group that opposes restrictions on political speech is asking a federal judge to declare a South Dakota campaign finance law unconstitutional.”


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