2-8 political law links

ADJUSTED LIMITS ANNOUNCED. FEC. “The Federal Election Commission announced updated contribution limits that have been indexed for inflation and are effective for federal elections in 2019-2020.”

REMAINING ISSUES. CNBC. “Michael Cohen might be headed to prison, but federal prosecutors are continuing to investigate issues related to the campaign finance crimes that brought down the former personal lawyer and fixer for President Donald Trump.”

DOCUMENTS SOUGHT. CNN. “Democratic lawmakers pressed the National Rifle Association for more information around millions of dollars in donations the group funneled towards the campaigns of President Donald Trump and Republican congressional candidates in a letter to the NRA’s president Wednesday.”

CO: POSSIBLE VIOLATION. DP. “The Secretary of State’s Office announced Wednesday it will investigate a campaign finance complaint against the group that spearheaded last November’s unsuccessful ballot measure that would have reduced new oil and gas production in Colorado.”

IN: NO VIOLATIONS. FG. “The Indiana Election Commission says House Speaker Brian Bosma did not violate state laws when he used campaign funds to investigate a former intern who alleged they had a sexual encounter in the early 1990s.”

TX: FINED UNPAID. TM. “As of the most recent updating on Feb. 4, the agency’s delinquent filer list shows that 327 Texas officeholders and political candidates owe more than $1.3 million in fines for being lax on those financial statements.”

WI: LEADING REFORM. UM. “State Sen. Chris Larson, Democrat from Milwaukee, is taking the lead in the Wisconsin State Senate on the issue of campaign finance reform.”


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