2-13 political law links

CA: LOWER LIMIT. DJ. “The Half Moon Bay City Council agreed to lower campaign contributions to align the city’s rules with those of other cities of comparable size and to encourage grassroots campaigning.”

KS: REPORTS REQUIRED. LJW. “After what Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew called a misunderstanding, a local coalition of faith-based organizations is on track to file a report detailing how much they spent to campaign against a county sales tax proposal.”

LA: FUNDS FOR CHILD CARE. TNT. “The Louisiana Ethics Board is set to reconsider whether candidates for public office can use campaign funds for campaign-related child care.”

NY: PROBE SOUGHT. BN. “The Erie County Board of Elections has asked Albany authorities to investigate “potential campaign finance violations” by the committee supporting Democrat Shaqurah Zachery’s unsuccessful campaign for the State Senate in 2018.”

TN: EXPENSES QUESTIONED. TNN. “It is illegal to use campaign funds for personal purposes and lawmakers are not allowed to spend campaign money on purchases for themselves when they receive allowances.”

VA: WHERE SHOULD DONATIONS GO? VF. “The Republican Party of Virginia is calling on a number of Democrats to use PAC money raised by Gov. Ralph Northam to give it back as ‘reconciliation.'”


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