2-14 political law links

CONTRIBUTION QUESTION. TPM. “A super PAC closely linked to Paul Manafort is facing FEC scrutiny over why it failed to report a $1 million contribution received just before the 2016 presidential election.”

GROUP LAUNCH. OS. “One new group that stands to play a key part in that conversation is Energy 45 Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization founded by outgoing senior Trump administration adviser Mandy Gunasekara ‘to promote the Trump energy agenda’ following her resignation from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).”

CT: THEFT CHARGED. LMT. “The legal counsel for Senate Republicans, who previously admitted to stealing tens of thousands of dollars from a political action committee he oversaw, was arrested Wednesday.”

ID: HEARING SET. IP. “Two bills to beef up Idaho’s campaign finance reporting laws were introduced without dissent in a Senate committee on Wednesday, and Sen. Patti Anne Lodge said the changes are needed.”

MT: MONEY PLEA. MISS. “We ask our fellow Montana citizens and Montana legislators to support House Resolution 2, a bipartisan resolution of Montana’s House of Representatives, urging Congress to propose a constitutional amendment to overturn the 2010 ‘Citizens United’ decision of the U.S. Supreme Court and restore our right to control money and corporations in politics.”

NY: REFORM FOR DA’S. GG. “District attorneys wield nearly unfettered discretion as to whether to prosecute potential defendants, but nothing in the law prevents lawyers for the accused from donating to a district attorney’s election campaign.”

TN: BILL OVERVIEW. TENN. “This year there are efforts underway to increase contribution limits while placing new restrictions on the only group that puts a check on lawmakers.”

WY: TALKING REFORM. SM. “Wyoming Promise is an organization that believes campaign finance reform is needed in order to make elections free and fair. A bill that they support has made its way through the Wyoming House and has been introduced and referred to committee in the Senate.”

UK: BEHIND BREXIT. GUA. “We still don’t know the origins of much of the money spent by the leave campaigns.”


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