2.27 political law links

PARADOX. WP. “The 2020 Democrats are in an unusual place right now; to get to a mega-costly general election, they need to win over primary voters who have grown angrier and angrier about money in politics.”

ID: BILL FAILS. IBR. “Legislation intended to make more public who is donating to candidates and political causes in Idaho has been put on hold after a diverse array of nonprofit groups on Friday complained it would force them to reveal donors who wished to remain anonymous.”

MA: VIOLATION STATUS. SCT. “The former chief of staff under Mayor Jasiel Correia II was found to have violated campaign finance law associated with activity related to a fundraising event for Rep. Alan Silvia in October.”

NY: DEBATES AND REFORM. GG. “With Democrats in charge of the state Legislature, there’s broad optimism that New York may finally create a state-level public financing system for electoral campaigns modelled after the program in place in New York City, including mandatory debates for candidates for statewide offices who receive public campaign funds.”

PA: MEALS PAID FOR. PPG. “According to Neil Makhija, an attorney who teaches campaign law at the University of Pennsylvania, and who ran unsuccessfully for state House as a Democrat in Carbon County in 2016, Pennsylvania campaign law says little about the appropriate uses of campaign money, other than that it can be spent ‘for the purpose of influencing the outcome of an election.'”

WV: BILL MOVES. WVPB. “The West Virginia Senate has cleared a bill that would make changes to the state’s campaign finance laws. While the measure increases the limits on donations to candidates and other political groups, opponents say the bill fails to provide transparency on so-called dark money in elections.”


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