Political Law Links 7-15-19

FEC: DISCOUNTS OK. KONS. ” The U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC) said today political campaigns can accept discounted cybersecurity services from companies without running afoul of existing campaign finance laws, provided those companies already do the same for other non-political entities.”


FOCUS ON CAMPAIGN MONEY. WP. “Money in politics is the signature campaign issue for Bullock, the 22nd to join the 25-candidate race for the Democratic presidential nomination.”

SUPER PAC PUSH. CNN. “As part of a push to advance Cory Booker’s presidential ambitions, a pro-Booker super PAC is launching a campaign to reach half a million black voters in four states to persuade them to back the New Jersey senator.”

STATUS OF CASE. HILL. “A federal probe into whether Trump Organization officials broke campaign finance laws appears to be nearing its conclusion without any charges filed, CNN reported Friday, citing people familiar with the matter.”

AZ: BAN IN EFFECT. KJZZ. “It’s been eight months since Phoenix voters overwhelmingly approved a ban on so-called dark money in local campaigns. This week Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego announced the ban will go into effect, it’s been under legal review by the governor’s office since it passed in November.”

CA: SLATE MAILERS AND VOTING. KLA. “The ability to manipulate the system will help solidify the lock that well-funded candidates have.”

MA: SETTLEMENT PAYMENT. ML. “According to an agreement that Moore signed Tuesday with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance, there were extensive discrepancies between Moore’s campaign finance disclosures and his bank account balances for a full decade, from 2008-18.”

NY: QUESTIONS ON PICK. MT. “In New York state government news, Republicans say Gov. Andrew Cuomo is playing politics with a board creating the rules for a new public campaign finance system.”

VA: REFORM SOUGHT. ARLN. “Significant further reforms in campaign finance and ethical practices are long overdue at every level of Virginia government. Efforts to enact such reforms have been blocked for many years by Republicans in the Virginia legislature. If Democrats can take control of both legislative chambers in 2019, these needed reforms can and should be enacted.”


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