7.22 political law links

LAST WEEK AT THE FEC. A summary of the week’s activity is here. A set of cases involving Correct the Record was released after being closed by the agency without action. The cases date from the 2016 election cycle and involve alleged coordination between the Clinton campaign and an independent group.

CIVIL PENALTY. AZC. “Arizona Republican Sen. Martha McSally has agreed to pay a fine of more than $23,000 to settle campaign finance violations from the 2014 election.”

BULLOCK LINK. PI. “But next month, Bullock is scheduled to visit Washington, D.C., for a closed-door campaign fundraiser co-hosted by 11 of the capital’s elite — including a federally registered lobbyist whose clients have contributed corporate cash to groups that don’t disclose their donors, according to an invitation obtained by the Center for Public Integrity.”

CASE CLOSED. JS. “In April 2018, the FBI conducted the Cohen raid, in search of evidence of campaign finance crimes and other wrongdoing. In August 2018, Cohen pleaded guilty to two campaign finance crimes related to the hush payments to Daniels and McDougal and is now serving a three-year prison sentence.”

CA: FINE IN CASE. LAT. “According to the Political Reform Act, certain public officials cannot accept a contribution of more than $250 from any party while a decision affecting the party is pending. Such a party also cannot give more than $250 until at least three months after a final decision is made.”

MO: MAYORAL RACE ALLEGATIONS. CT. “Unsuccessful mayoral candidate Chris Kelly accepted an illegal campaign donation from a corporation but will not be fined or have any other action taken as punishment, the Missouri Ethics Commission decided as it accepted a joint declaration signed by Kelly.”

WV: SEC CLARIFIES. GM. “For nearly three hours Thursday, the State Elections Commission went through public comments on the state’s new campaign finance law received from more than 50 people — many as part of a coordinated effort by West Virginia Citizens for Clean Elections.”


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