8.13 political law links

RULES DANGER. WE. “The only likely outcome of greater disclosure is more harassment of conservatives by far-left politicians and activists, as well as nonprofit organizations losing support because members of the public will fear the exposure that comes from contributing to an organization whose ideals and goals they agree with.”

DEMOCRACY PROBLEM. WJLA. “Here’s the bottom line: Applying overbroad regulations to campaigns (especially at the presidential level) would harm and confuse our democratic system.”

DAF MONEY. CR. “It is often argued that donor-advised funds are “dark money” ploy to funnel money without proper oversight—but are they really so nefarious?”

DECRYING AND BENEFIT. FB. ” South Carolina congressman Joe Cunningham (D.) denounced ‘dark money’ in his run for Congress in 2018, but in the 2020 cycle a dark money group has already announced they will enter the race to buoy his reelection efforts.”

REPORTED PROBE. NYP. “The feds are looking into possible campaign finance misdeeds by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff and lead rainmaker, who suddenly resigned Friday, federal sources told The Post.”

NC: LIGHT SENTENCE. CO. “How did a North Carolina legislator commit at least seven years of campaign finance reporting fraud, yet plead to just one crime that resulted in zero days in jail? We asked, and the answer is troubling.”


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