10.22 political law links

DAMAGE DONE. POLITICO. “While Weintraub is free to speak about any issue she likes in her personal capacity, we commissioners must be circumspect when acting in our official capacities. Instead, Weintraub is using her official position to drag the FEC into political debates in which it does not belong, to promote herself and her personal views of what the law should be, and to mislead the public. In light of her activity, Congress and the president should take a hard look at replacing all three remaining members of the FEC, myself included, and starting fresh with a slate of six new commissioners. No one would blame them if they did.”

CONTRIBUTION RETURNED. BCT. “Several other Democrats who pledged to boycott corporate money have accepted money from law firms, including large firms like Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough.”

CA: RECUSAL PLAN. LBP. “A member of the statewide government ethics commission that is investigating Long Beach Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce over conflict-of-interest allegations indicated on Friday that he plans to recuse himself from the case.”

NY: EFFORT FLAWED. CL. “The state‚Äôs Public Finance Reform Commission has the power to transform the way candidates conduct elections in New York State, but some advocates are bracing for a watered-down set of recommendations out of the body, which many say has been flawed from the start.”

WA: FACING COMPLAINT. KIRO. “Wills’ initial financial report shows only a $500 in-kind contribution for the space and a $500 in-kind contribution for the food.”


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