6.15 political law links


LOBBYIST REGISTRATIONS. POL. “Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has registered for the first time as a federal lobbyist.”

TAKING FIRE. ETR. “[A] winery and vineyard recently came under fire on Twitter and in the restaurant’s Instagram comments after the American Association of Wine Economists tweeted an infographic depicting the wine industry’s donations to presidential campaigns — Grace Evenstad, who owns Domaine Serene along with her husband Ken, donated $50,000 to the Great America PAC, which supported Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016.”

WHERE DONATIONS GO. FC. “Social media posts falsely claim donations made on the Black Lives Matter website go ‘directly’ to the Democratic party, because the group uses ActBlue Charities — an online fundraising platform. Donations go to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. The funds first pass through a nonprofit that sponsors the group.”

AZ: LOBBYING ISSUE. TUC. “A report released Friday by the House Ethics Committee accuses state Rep. David Cook of having an undisclosed relationship with a lobbyist, one that the investigators said was romantic.”

CO: CORRECTED COMPLAINT. SD. “A campaign finance complaint filed earlier this week against Colorado Senate District 8 Democratic candidate Karl Hanlon should be cleared up by the next filing deadline on Monday, he said.”


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