9.16 political law links

QUESTIONS RAISED. NYP. “Businessman Andrew Yang’s proposal to give 10 families a thousand bucks a month each for a year made a splash Friday — with campaign finance lawyers.”

LAST WEEK AT THE FEC. Weekly Digest.

COSTS IN THE NEWS. AT. “While Vice President Mike Pence’s fundraising visit to Aspen has come and gone, a lingering question has been whether the anonymous donations made to cover expenses absorbed by supporting local law enforcement agencies were political contributions.”

KY: GUILTY VERDICT. WDRB. “A federal jury in Frankfort, Kentucky, has convicted Jerry Lundergan, the father of Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, of funneling more than more than $206,670 of illegal corporate contributions to his daughter’s failed 2014 challenge of Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell.”

NJ: GROUP DISCLOSES. INQ. “A political nonprofit group founded by campaign advisers to Gov. Phil Murphy has disclosed its donors after resisting pressure to do so for months.”


9.12 political law links

FEC OPEN. FEC. “While the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, as amended (the Act), requires an affirmative vote by four Commissioners to make decisions in many areas, including regulations, advisory opinions, audit matters and enforcement, the Commission remains open for business.”

RULES ISSUE. KC. “Kansas Republican congressional candidate Amanda Atkins may have skirted federal election law by representing herself as a candidate before filing the appropriate paperwork, campaign finance watchdogs say.”

COURT ADVOCACY. PF. “It can be difficult to trace the path of anonymous political spending with precision, and we wanted to know the factual basis for Whitehouse’s claim. The evidence we found about the money’s origins, and where it went, backed it up.”

POP-UP GROUP. CRP. “A secretive new ‘dark money’ group is hitting the airwaves — and the road — to help Democrats win Arizona’s hotly contested Senate seat in 2020.”

FEC UPDATE. CPI. “No more than three FEC commissioners may come from one party. Tradition — often, but not always, honored — provides that a president nominate FEC commissioners two at a time, one Democrat, one Republican.”

CA: ENFORCEMENT TEMPLATE. VOC. “The Fair Political Practices Commission just unveiled a template contract for cities, counties and districts to have the Commission provide enforcement of their local ethics and campaign finance laws.”

TN: NEW SITE URGED. TN. “State officials on Wednesday initiated talks to revamp Tennessee’s campaign finance reporting website and hire additional auditors to help scrutinize lawmakers’ activities.”

TX: GIFT COMPLAINT. TM. “A Dallas activist has filed an ethics complaint against Dallas City Council member Casey Thomas over Thomas’ failure to disclose tickets to several events he was given by VisitDallas, as first reported in July by The Texas Monitor.”


9.11.19 political law links

BAN PROPOSED. RC. “Rep. Rodney Davis said Tuesday he was introducing a bill to ban public financing of congressional campaigns, hitting at a signature piece of House Democrats’ political money overhaul.”

IL: UNLEVEL FIELD. CCR. “Illinois’ campaign finance law may create an unlevel political spending playing field, giving one kind of political organization a built-in advantage. But a federal appeals panel appeared to harbor doubts over whether that makes the law unconstitutional.”

NJ: ACLU SUIT. NJ. “The American Civil Liberties Union went to federal court Tuesday seeking to overturn a measure that would require political action organizations that accept so-called ‘dark money’ in New Jersey to disclose their donors.”

NY: COMMISSION SUED. ATU. “The recently formed commission tasked with creating a public financing system for the state’s elections has been sued for records by the Government Justice Center.”

OR: NEW RULES. PT. “The 2020 city elections will be conducted under new campaign finance disclosure and contribution requirements approved by Portland voters, along with a new public campaign financing program approved by the City Council.”

VA: PAC TO SPEND. WP. “A Democratic super PAC focused on turning statehouses blue will pour $500,000 into Virginia’s ‘off-off-year election’ for the state House of Delegates in November, while another group plans to invest $1 million in pro-environment candidates from either party.”