Wed. political law links

TODAY AT THE FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION.  The agenda for today’s meeting is online here.

AZ:  POLITICAL COMMITTEE RULES AT ISSUE.  “A Scottsdale resident has lodged a complaint alleging that a non-profit corporation, Scottsdale Strong, violated Arizona campaign-finance laws in mailers it sent out supporting economic development and downtown Scottsdale’s restaurant and bar industry.”

DE:  NEW LAWS.  “Under House Bill 301, an individual who makes a political contribution from a joint bank account will have to attribute the name of the donor. Similarly, Senate Bill 186 requires LLCs and corporations that donate more than $100 to disclose the name and address of one ‘responsible party’ who exercises control over the entity.”

PA: STING INVESTIGATION.  “The state Ethics Commission has launched a formal investigation into allegations that four Philadelphia legislators were captured on tape accepting money during an undercover sting investigation.”

RI:  FUNG QUESTIONS BLOCK FUNDS.  Golocalprov.  “Republican gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung and his campaign manager are once again demanding answers from Ken Block about how his campaign for governor is being financed.”

WI:  USE OF CAMPAIGN FUNDS.  WKOW.  “A campaign finance report shows republican lawmaker Bill Kramer used donor funds to pay an attorney $10,000 to defend him against felony, sex assault accusations.”


Tues. political law links

SUPER PAC EMBRACE.  Seattle Times.  “President Obama’s Tuesday fundraising swing through the Seattle area will include a high-priced dinner event benefiting a Democratic super PAC.”

$468, 22 MONTHS, AND THE FEC.  In the Know (D. Mason).  “Connie Mack lost his U.S. Senate race in Florida in 2012, but the FEC wasn’t finished until about a month ago.”

CA:  PUBLIC FINANCING CONSIDERED.  “Berkeley is considering allowing local politicians to use public funds to finance their campaigns, by way of a measure that aims to give small, individual contributions to candidates more weight.”

IN:  WHEN THE FBI COMES KNOCKING.  “FBI agents appeared at the Porter County Administration Building on Monday seeking copies of campaign records for Portage Mayor James Snyder.”

KY:  FAKE CANDIDATE.  WDRB.  “The group – which says it’s non-partisan – is running a phony candidate to draw attention to the money being raised and spent in Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race.”

NH:  WILL RULES STICK?  “A bill awaiting Gov. Maggie Hassan’s signature requires 501(c)4s and other politically active nonprofits to register with the Secretary of State’s office and report its receipts and expenditures.”

NY:  PUBLIC FUNDING, STRINGS ATTACHED.  NYDN.  “The Campaign Finance Board wants its money back — the public’s money, that is — from a Bronx councilman who’s trying to use it to win a state Senate seat.”


Mon. political law links 7.21.14

SUMMER RERUNS.  Senate Rules Comm.  “The DISCLOSE Act (S.2516) and the Need for Expanded Public Disclosure of Funds Raised and Spent to Influence Federal Elections” is the tile of Wednesday’s hearing.

SINGLE CANDIDATE SUPER PACS.  HuffPo.  “This year, for the first time since the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling unleashed the unlimited-money super PAC, the majority of Senate races feature super PACs that focus on just one candidate.”

FAMILY AFFAIR SUPER PACS.  USAT.  “Candidates’ relatives have funded other super PACs active in this year’s midterm elections for Congress.”

DISMISSAL SOUGHT.  Bond Buyer.  “Based on two court cases, two former JPMorgan bankers want the SEC’s pay-to-play case involving Jefferson County, Ala.’s failed sewer deals dismissed.”

AK:  APOC FINE.  “The state agency that regulates campaign finance law has fined Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan $187.50 after determining Sullivan used municipal resources to campaign.”

AK:  APOC FINE II.  “State Rep. Chris Tuck, the minority leader of the Alaska House, will pay a fine of more than $14,000 for mismanaging campaign funds and forfeit nearly $6,000 in unspent campaign funds, under an agreement accepted this week by the Alaska Public Offices Commission.

CA:  FPPC RULE AT ISSUE.  Daily Pilot.  “Orange County voters will be asked whether they want the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission to enforce local campaign finance rules, a unanimous Board of Supervisors decided Tuesday.”

NH:  DONATION ISSUE.  Concord Monitor.  “A $25,000 contribution from a labor union’s political action committee to Gov. Maggie Hassan is the subject of a complaint filed yesterday by the New Hampshire Republican Party with the state attorney general.”

NH:  BOLTON SUPER PAC UP.  “John Bolton’s super PAC is making its first foray into New Hampshire with an online ad attacking a Democratic congresswoman for fumbling an answer on Benghazi.”

VA:  MCDONNELL ON TRIAL.  WP.  “In recent court filings, McDonnell’s defense attorneys have written that their client’s character will be the ‘centerpiece of his defense’ — and questioned the credibility of prosecutors’ key witness.”