10.22.18 political law links

CA:  EMAIL DESTRUCTION.   VOC.  “Government emails and text messages about enforcement of Orange County’s campaign finance laws will be destroyed two years after they’re sent or received, under a policy county supervisors approved Tuesday.”

CO:  NO VIOLATION FOUND.   CBS. “The Secretary of State found Polis did not violate Colorado’s campaign finance laws as alleged.  A forensic accountant accused Polis of violating the rules. Kris Cook, Treasurer of the Denver Republican Party, filed a campaign finance complaint with the Secretary of State’s office.”

NC:  PFIZER FINED.   PP.  “The contributions, totaling $53,500 to 36 different committees, were uncovered in an audit earlier this year. They came on June 21, 2016 and October 16 2017 — both days when the General Assembly was in session. Under state law, contributions are prohibited during legislative sessions.”

OR:  REFORM ENDORSED.   OL.  “The measure would bar companies and unions from donating to candidates, limit individual or political committee donations to $500 for candidates and levy other restrictions on spending. And yet those key parts of the proposal aren’t even constitutional under Oregon Supreme Court and U.S. Supreme Court decisions.”

SD:  REPORTS DUE.  KL.  “Monday is the last day South Dakota residents can register to vote in the November 6 general election. It’s also the deadline for candidates in that election to file pre-election campaign finance reports.”


10.18.18 political law links

AK:  BILL CLASH.  NM.  “The two candidates for Alaska’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives clashed over campaign financing and the 2017 tax cut law on Tuesday afternoon in Fairbanks.”

AR:  LOBBYIST REPORTING.  AO.  “The state Senate Ethics Committee on Tuesday recommended broadening the rules on who must report their relationships with lobbyists.”

AZ:  ALLEGATIONS AGAINST GROUP.   AZC.  “NoDDC, a Scottsdale group opposed to a desert education center in the city’s preserve, violated campaign finance laws by failing to register as a political action committee and using money to influence the upcoming election, according to the city.”

FL:  NO APPEAL.   NN.  “The Naples City Council has chosen not to appeal a Collier County circuit court judge’s ruling that an ethics referendum can go before the voters.”

IL:  IT’S A RECORD.  CF.  “Democrat J.B. Pritzker has pumped more of his own money into a campaign than any other self-financing candidate in U.S. history.  The Gold Coast billionaire’s $146.5 million has bought him a place in the record books, breezing past Republican Meg Whitman, who set the previous record in 2010, when the former eBay honcho churned $144 million of her own fortune into her losing battle against Democrat Jerry Brown.”

MD:  ETHICS PLAN.   BS.  “Democratic candidate for governor Ben Jealous released a plan Wednesday for ethics reform in state government in which he pledged to refuse all meetings with lobbyists convicted of fraud or corruption crimes.”

TX:   REPORT FOLLOW-UP.   KTV.  “City council candidates who’ve failed to file campaign finance reports gave 6 Investigates plenty of reasons, including some who claim they’ve raised no money, when asked on Wednesday to explain their tardiness.”


10.17.18 political law links

REFORM START.   HILL.  “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said if her party takes back the House in the 2018 midterms, they would hit the ground running next year with campaign finance reform legislation.”

E-FILING HERE.   KULR.  “The Montana Senate race is attracting nationwide attention, and a new requirement that aims to increase openness about campaign finances breaks it down by the numbers.”

SUPER PACS DRIVE.   HILL.  “In all the uncertainty about the results of upcoming elections, one thing seems inevitable: without a change in the law, spending records by Super PACs will continue to be smashed every election cycle.”

COUNTRY STAR SUPER PAC.   DB.  “Two sources familiar with plans for the fundraiser said the event, hosted by pro-Trump super PAC America First Action, will take place at the Wharf, a new development on Washington D.C.’s southwest waterfront.”

SUPER PAC RESCUE.   HP.  “The Senate Democrats’ leading super PAC is set to spend $3 million in bright blue New Jersey in an effort to save Sen. Bob Menendez, who has struggled to put away a Republican challenger after facing a corruption trial last year.”

KASICH RAISING.   CNBC.  “Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s super PAC raised just more than $300,000 in the third quarter, giving his political operation a boost as he considers whether to make another run at the White House.”

MN:  FINANCE DASHBOARD.   MP.  “With an open contest for the governor’s office, two U.S. Senate seats, and up to five U.S. House races considered competitive by national groups, one thing’s certain: Minnesota is going to see a lot of campaign fundraising this year.”