3.28.18 political law links

CA: FUNDS DONATED.  SDUT.   “County Board of Supervisors candidate Bonnie Dumanis has given $15,000 to a community safety fund over the past three years and is offering receipts from the charitable donations as evidence that she has unloaded any tainted money from a federal campaign-finance case.”

CA:  FAMILY SUPPORT.  MB.  “Eleni Kounalakis’ bid to become California lieutenant governor has received a $2.02 million boost from a familiar face: Angelo Tsakopoulos, her father.”

MD:  PROTECTING INCUMBENTS.   BS.  “By imposing low limits on campaign contributions, legislators can force their opponents to spend more time fundraising instead of speaking with voters. Unfortunately, a new index developed at the Institute for Free Speech has just named Maryland one of the five worst states in the nation at protecting political giving freedom. In these states, challengers and political newcomers struggle to get their message out.”

PA:  REFORMS UNVEILED.   TO.  “Gov. Tom Wolf on Monday introduced what he described as a 21st century voting reform plan for Pennsylvania that includes an independent commission to draw electoral maps, same-day voter registration and campaign finance reform.”

WA:  REFORM COMMITTEE MEETS.  SR.  “Overall, the measure requires more frequent and more detailed campaign finance reporting, extends reporting requirements to local elections, and requires entities doing independent campaign expenditures and out-of-state entities donating large sums to Idaho PACs or candidates to identify the source of the money.”


3.27.18 political law links

FREE SPEECH STATES.   WSJ.  “America’s media are obsessed with Washington, but in our federal system much of the law-writing takes place in the 50 states. This is one reason to welcome a new index detailing how well each state protects the First Amendment right to engage in political speech.”

TREVOR POTTER SPOTLIGHT.   BUS.  “According to Potter, who worked for the George H.W. Bush administration now runs Campaign Legal Center, this exchange of funds could spell major trouble for Trump and his team.”

FTC AND AGS INQUIRE.   D.  “The social network’s stock is trading at $155.15 this morning, down nearly 3% from Monday’s opening stock price of $160.82.”

COMPLAINTS AND LOBBYING.  ABC.  “As many as 30 Trump administration appointees may be in violation of ethics guidelines intended to prevent officials from working in agencies they once lobbied, a government watchdog said Monday.”

MD:  TRANSFER FLAGGED.   BS.  “A donation to the campaign of County Council candidate Janet Siddiqui’s has been referred for investigation to the state prosecutor’s office by the state Board of Elections.”

NY:  ETHICS BLAST.   ATU.  “Gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon tore into Gov. Andrew Cuomo Monday, saying he’s a bully, has failed to clean up the Capitol’s notorious political corruption…”


3.26.18 political law links

CA:  FPPC CLASH AND CHANGE ON FUNDS.   LAT.  “The state’s five-member Fair Political Practices Commission is locked in a power struggle in which some part-time members, with support from attorneys representing candidates and elected officials, are proposing that Chairwoman Jodi Remke be required to share oversight power on budgets, court cases, hiring and policy…”

CA:  POTENTIAL FINE.  TS.  “California’s campaign finance watchdog wants to impose $36,500 in fines on a water district board member, in part for not closing a legal defense fund for his unsuccessful fight to serve on two elected bodies at the same time.”

CO:  COMPLAINT ON COMPLAINTS.  DP.  “Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams is under investigation by a grand jury for how his office handled several campaign finance complaints, the Denver District Attorney’s Office has confirmed.”

NY:  ALLEGED BRIBERY.  NYT.  “A Long Island restaurateur testified under oath on Thursday that he steered tens of thousands of dollars to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s political campaigns in return for favorable treatment by the city.”

WA:  CURBING COMPLAINTS.   HN.  “Lawmakers passed a bill overhauling how Washington enforces its campaign finance laws but the state’s top lawyer and largest daily newspapers contend it goes too far and want the governor to veto it.”