Friday’s political law links

HRC IDEAS.   Slate.  Hasen says “a constitutional amendment is a terrible way to try to fix the problem.”

HRC DONATION POLICY.   HuffPo.  “Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign will accept donations from lobbyists and political action committees, a difference in policy from the man she’s hoping to replace, President Barack Obama.”

PARTY POWER DECLINE.  NYT.  “The uneventful passing of April 15 is only the most subtle indication of the way super PACs are transforming the presidential nominating process.”

NEW SUPER PAC.  Politico.  “Two of Scott Walker’s top political hands from Wisconsin will forgo roles on his likely presidential campaign to instead run a super PAC supporting the Republican governor.”

MENENDEZ LEGAL EXPENSES.  “When a politician raises funds for an election campaign, those dollars should be used only in furtherance of that campaign for that office.”

CA:  OC ENFORCEMENT.  VoiceofOC.  “Amid widespread frustration over what many say is lax enforcement of local campaign finance limits by District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, Orange County officials and residents gathered Wednesday to talk about how to better police the county’s political scofflaws.”

MD:  CONTRACTOR DISCLOSURE.   NLR (J. Kahl).  ”On April 10, the Maryland General Assembly made significant changes to the state’s public contractor political contribution disclosure law.”

OR:  ETHICS IMPRINT.  PT.  “Democratic Gov. Kate Brown and Republican legislative minorities are competing to put their imprints on changes in government ethics and public records laws.”

VA:  VOTE PUT OFF.   13NewsNow.  “Governor Terry McAuliffe signed off on amendments to ethics legislation passed in the closing minutes of the General Assembly session this winter that would cap the total amount of annual gifts allowed from lobbyists at $100, instead of a $100 cap on each individual gift.”

WI:  GOALS CLASH.   HNG.  “As the process wends its way from informational hearing to bill to law, which side is more likely to see its dream come true?”


4-16 political law links

LAND$CAPE.  NYT.  “For some political committees, the first quarter is a good time to look back at the last two years (or more) and make sure that the money is accounted for and properly reported.”

HRC CFR FIX.  WSJ.  “Her staff declined to elaborate on her call for overhauling campaign-fundraising practices.”

POLITICAL FILE COMPLAINTS.  Broadcasting & Cable.  “Campaign finance reform groups have told the FCC it should not require complaints about political ad broadcasts to be filed by local residents.”

SUPER PAC SPECIFIC.  Bloomberg.  “In all, there were more than 1,300 grassroots and small-dollar donor events where participants filled out detailed information sheets to be logged by the group.”

BANNED FOR LIFE.  The Hill.  “Rep. Rod Blum (R-Iowa) introduced legislation on Tuesday to prevent members of Congress from ever becoming lobbyists after they leave office.”

GA:  THE FINALISTS ARE…  “Four finalists remain to lead the state agency charged with enforcing campaign-finance and ethics laws.”

GA:  MEALS MAKE NEWS.  WMAZ.  “Two Macon Democrats beat their Republican counterparts to the free food table during this year legislative session.”

MT:  BILL MOVES.  GF Tribune.  ” A measure requiring more disclosure surrounding campaign donations has passed the Legislature and is headed to the governor for his signature.”

MT:  HEARING SET.  HelenaIR.  “A confirmation hearing has been scheduled for Monday on the confirmation of Political Practices Commissioner Jonathan Motl.”

TX:  NO RUSH TO DISCLOSE.  “Two bills aimed at requiring disclosure of such lobbyist entertainment are on the verge of being snuffed out in the Senate State Affairs Committee, according to the sponsor of the measures, despite Gov. Greg Abbott’s vow a few weeks ago to ‘dedicate this session to ethics reform.'”


4-15 political law links

INSIGHT ON POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE REGULATION.   Steptoe (Abel and Sinder).    “Firms engaged in ‘political intelligence’ activities may soon face new requirements, following a recent announcement by Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) that he will once again push for legislation that requires disclosure of these activities.”

“CRITICAL NEED” FOR CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS.  WSJ.  “There is ‘a critical need’ for criminal prosecutions, even in cases where misconduct can be handled through civil or regulatory action, a top U.S. Department of Justice official said Tuesday.”

HRC ON CFR.  WP.  “Hillary Rodham Clinton is calling for changes to the nation’s campaign finance system, saying here Tuesday that she would support a constitutional amendment if that’s what it takes to fix what she called a ‘dysfunctional’ system.”

READY FOR FUNDRAISING.  Politico.  “Within hours of the former secretary of state’s digital foray, Democratic Action 2016 began making robocalls to voters in Virginia and perhaps in other states. The calls are seeking small-dollar donations to aid Clinton and other Democrats.”

SUPPORT FOR PRESIDENTIAL CFR EO.  MSNBC.  “He can issue an executive order to expose secret political spending by federal contractors. The only question is whether he will follow through.”

CA:  LAW REVISED.  “Despite pleas for a delay, county supervisors Tuesday set up a new system for enforcing the county’s campaign finance law.”

MO:  FOCUS ON RACE.  “Bev Randles, the Republican candidate for Missouri lieutenant governor who landed an unprecedented $1 million political donation last year from mega-donor Rex Sinquefield, is stepping down from the conservative lobbying group Missouri Club for Growth in order to focus on her campaign, her campaign announced today.”

RI:  TWO BILLS APPROVED.  PJ.  “The full House on Tuesday approved two of three bills aimed at plugging some of the loopholes that allowed former House Speaker Gordon D. Fox to loot his campaign fund — undetected for years — to pay more than $100,000 in personal expenses.”

TX:  CITY LOBBYING RULES CHANGE.  “To improve transparency, we must implement electronic and searchable filing for campaign financing and lobbyist registration. This system will improve the public’s access to information on who is funding candidates and lobbying City Hall. We will bring up to date and more in-line with state legislative practice our lobbyist registration and reporting requirements in a way that’s fair and fits with our board and commission structure.”