Political law links

RYAN ON TWITTER.  Brookings.  “Recent revelations about the creative use of social media illustrate how the parties and outside groups are anything but ‘independent’ in any meaningful sense of the word and are pushing the boundaries of the FEC’s weak ‘coordination’ rules.”

JACKSON DECIDES.  FEC.  “The United States District Court for the District of Columbia today issued its Memorandum Opinion and Order in Van Hollen v. FEC (Case No. 11-0766 (ABJ)), granting plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment and denying defendant FEC’s cross motion for summary judgment. The Court ordered further that 11 C.F.R. § 104.20(c)(9) is vacated.”

CA:  OC OVERSIGHT.   Voiceofoc.org.   “The Orange County Board of Supervisors appears ready today to renew its effort to have the state’s campaign finance watchdog monitor contributions in local elections.

NC:  STATE INVESTIGATION.  WCNC.  “A complaint has been filed against Fuller accusing him of signing campaign finance reports that are allegedly inaccurate, and at times, misleading.”

OH:  MAYOR DEFENDS.  Cleveland.com.  “Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic and city council President Garry Moneypenny jointly asked for an outside investigation into local politicians’ campaign finance practices Monday, after hearing allegations last week that some members of council violated the city’s campaign finance laws.”

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Political law links

CRAIG APPEALS. Magicvalley.com. “Former U.S Sen. Larry Craig is appealing a D.C. judge’s ruling that he broke the law by using campaign funds to cover legal fees after his 2007 arrest in an airport bathroom sex sting.”

DEPARTING SHOT. The Hill. “Begich introduced legislation Thursday that would add super-PACs and other outside groups to the list of groups that must comply with the National Do Not Call Registry.”

DEBT AND REPORTING. Star Tribune. “In multiple interviews, Monti Moreno of Marine-on-St.-Croix and Phillip Parrish of Medford, confirmed Andy Parrish [no relation to Phillip Parrish] approached them both separately during the balloting for the Republican Party of Minnesota‘s endorsement for U.S. Senate with a request to endorse Ortman.”

CA: COAT COMPLAINT. Daily Pilot. “Foley was told by city CEO Tom Hatch and City Attorney Tom Duarte that her using a public place for a political purposes was a potential violation of state law enforced by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).”

CA: COUNCILMAN FINED. OC Register. “Buena Park Councilman Art Brown was fined $8,500 by the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission for failing to disclose contributions and expenditures of at least $100 during his unsuccessful run for the county Board of Supervisors in 2010 and successful campaign for re-election to the City Council in 2012.”

MA: INAUGURATION LIMITS. Boston Globe. “Governor-elect Charlie Baker is imposing a $25,000 limit on corporate contributions and a $250 cap on lobbyist gifts to his inauguration committee.”

NM: PUBLIC FINANCING AND NO OPPONENT. ABQ Journal. “A candidate must return any unspent public financing to the Secretary of State’s Public Election Fund, and Lyons says he expects to return about half of the $41,630 he received.”

NY: TEXT DONATION RULES. Capital NY. “By the middle of the next year, local candidates who already have an eye on raising money for 2017 will be able to raise money through text-message donations, in addition to mobile credit card donations.”

OH: AKRON HIRES. Ohio.com. “The city of Akron will hire an outside attorney to look at the campaign finances of mayoral and council candidates in the past two municipal elections.”


Political law links

READY FOR ANY DAY NOW. USAT. “The group supporting a potential presidential run by Hillary Rodham Clinton is ready to fold up shop and hand over its list of supporters to the Clinton campaign – if only Clinton will give the word.”


MAYDAY TRANSPARENCY. WFB. “Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig is a believer in political transparency, but according to a legal complaint filed on Thursday, his Super PAC routinely flout campaign finance disclosure laws.”

MI: LOBBYING LAW CHANGES? Lansing State Journal. “Food and drink is reported at more than $58 a month or $350 a year, for example. Travel and accommodations are reported in excess of $750.”

NC: FULLER ALLEGATIONS. Charlotte Observer. “A complaint has been filed with state elections officials against Mecklenburg County commissioners Chair Trevor Fuller, accusing him of filing incomplete, misleading, and sometimes late and inaccurate reporting of his campaign finances that go back to 2012.”

RI: LYNCH AND LOBBYING. WT. “The secretary of state’s office is conducting an inquiry into former Attorney General Patrick Lynch’s interactions with his old office in an attempt to determine whether he should have registered as a lobbyist.”

WI: POLITIFACT ASSESSES CLAIM. Politifact. “We’ll check both parts of his claim — that in Wisconsin, unions can essentially make unlimited contributions to political parties, while businesses can’t make any.”