4.1.20 political law links

WALL STREET GIVING. FOR. “With stocks falling, businesses shrinking and unemployment soaring, donors of all sizes are feeling the effects. Billionaires counted on to fuel super PAC spending have seen their net worth plummet by anywhere from 10% to as much as 75%.”

VIRUS IMPACT. NYT. “One person close to the Biden campaign said preliminary discussions were underway for how to plan for a situation in which in-person fund-raisers do not happen all the way through the general election in November, though that is not seen as the likeliest outcome.”

FEC: PENDING ADVISORY OPINION REQUESTS. FEC. “Advisory opinion requests (AORs) pending before the Commission as of the end of the month are listed.”

BLOOMBERG HIT. DC. “Bloomberg’s $18 million donation to the Democratic National Committee is an attempt to circumvent contribution limits and violate campaign finance laws, Great America PAC said in the March 26 complaint.”

TWO GROUPS FILE. WSJ. “Two Republican-led groups have filed complaints with the Federal Election Commission against billionaire Michael Bloomberg, alleging the recent transfer of $18 million from his presidential campaign to the Democratic National Committee violates campaign finance laws.”

FEC: ACCEPTING ELECTRONIC COMPLAINTS FOR FIRST TIME. FEC. It looks like the agency, for the first time, is accepting electronically filed complaints.


3.31.20 political law links

SIGNATURE GATHERING UPDATE. BP. “Former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, co-chair of the campaign Outlaw Dirty Money, announced that the campaign was suspending signature gathering efforts for its ballot initiative due to the coronavirus pandemic. The campaign needs to gather at least 356,467 signatures by the July 2 deadline.”

ALLIANCE FORMED. NYT. “Unite the Country, the super PAC formed late last year to support Mr. Biden, and the progressive group American Bridge are teaming up to coordinate their efforts in hopes of raising about $175 million together to defeat President Trump in November, leaders from the two groups said Monday.”

CA: DEADLINE EXTENDED. TH. “Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) is allowing a 60-day extension for those required to file a 2019 annual Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700).”

SC: CONSIDER CHANGES. WLTX. “The South Carolina State Election Commission (SEC) has presented three potential options to government leaders in case the state needs to make major changes to how it votes.”

VA: RULES LOOSENED. VM. “A Richmond judge has granted a Republican candidate’s emergency request to lower the petition signature requirements for the GOP’s upcoming U.S. Senate primary because of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

WI: DEADLOCK. FOX6. “The Wisconsin Elections Commission deadlocked on opening investigations into Milwaukee and Dane County clerks during an emergency telephone meeting Sunday, March 29 regarding the April 7 election.”


3.30.20 political law links

BLOOMBERG AND THE LAW. WE. “Instead of running his own super PAC, Bloomberg recently decided to transfer $18 million in remaining funds from his defunct presidential campaign to the Democratic National Committee. Just one problem: This $18 million gift is illegal.”

HOW MONEY SPENT. WP. “The latest campaign finance filings are in, finally giving us answers to some of our burning questions before most of the Democratic presidential candidates dropped out of the race.”

DARK MONEY TARGET. OS. “Fueled by ‘dark money,’ cash-flush liberal groups with ties to the Democratic Party are mobilizing to unleash millions of dollars worth of ads attacking President Donald Trump’s response to coronavirus ahead of the 2020 presidential election.”

PAC RESERVES. MCDC. “A leading Democratic super PAC is reserving $17 million worth of digital ads in key battleground states to start after the Democratic National Convention in July and run through Election Day in November.”

FUNDING ATTACK. FB. “An activist group backed by a major liberal dark money network announced plans to spend more than $1 million attacking Republican senators over the coronavirus pandemic.”

AD BUYS. HILL. “Priorities USA, the largest Democratic super PAC, is expanding an ad buy accusing President Trump of mismanaging the coronavirus crisis a day after the Trump campaign threatened legal action against TV stations airing the ad in key battleground states.”

TX: FUNDRAISING IMPACT. KBTX. “What used to be a routine request for political cash could now come across as tone-deaf or tacky.”