11.30 political law links

ETHICS TEST. NYT. “Some of the president-elect’s choices for top posts have done work for undisclosed corporate clients and aided a fund that invests in government contractors.”

MONEY HELP. NPN. “Democrats have denounced anonymous money in politics for years, but 2020 brought a tidal wave of it into the election to benefit their party.”

FEC CHECK. USAT. “Trainor himself admitted he wasn’t briefed on the issue, and all of his comments contained factual inaccuracies, echoing false allegations of election fraud that have been presented with no proof.”

CA: LOBBYIST HOST ISSUE. SB. “From an ethics perspective, it’s important that Newsom says he paid for his own meal, said Bob Stern, former president of the Center for Governmental Studies who helped craft California’s political ethics laws.”

CA: NEW LIMITS. DB. “Inglewood will not follow a new state law limiting local campaign contributions to $4,700, instead opting for a cap 21 times higher than what a state senator can accept from a single source.”

PA: MORE PAC RULES. PPG. “The proposed legislation would require the same reporting rigor for independent groups of individuals funding a campaign for or against a candidate or a ballot question — such as, for example, the parks tax question that voters narrowly passed in November 2019.”


11.25 political law links

FINANCE STUNS. NR. “By avoiding the manifesto-style rhetoric that such books often employ, Primo and Milyo have not only taken the temperature of the public but cooled down a debate where there is often more heat than light.”

ROBODONOR WARNING. CE. “As a professional fundraiser, let me reassure you: robo-donors don’t exist. If they did, we might have been able to raise more money for our client.”

STEIN OWES. BI. “The Stein campaign is now out of money, still owing tens of thousands of dollars to the FEC for failing to disclose how it was spending donations, mandatory reports sometimes filed over a year late.”

CONTRIBUTION QUESTIONS. BI. “A leadership PAC is typically created by current and former politicians to donate money to each other and build relationships. The contributions can be used to fund candidates’ travel and events, for example.”

FEC COVERED. DB. “Campaign finance experts recoiled at Trainor’s apparent embrace of the dubious allegations.”

IL: PROBE HITS. CT. “A day after his closest political ally was indicted in a bribery and influence-buying scheme involving Commonwealth Edison, Madigan on Thursday saw eight more of his rank-and-file House members pledge not to reelect him when lawmakers reconvene in January.”

MO: AMENDMENT 3 PASSED. NL. “Amendment 3 also bans all gifts to lawmakers from paid lobbyists, though it does not prevent them from receiving gifts from unpaid lobbyists and lobbyists related to a legislator within the fourth degree, including first cousins.”

NM: SHADOW FUNDS. LCS. “Since New Mexico enacted a new disclosure law last year, more than $800,000 in political spending has been publicly reported by nonprofit groups that in the past would have remained largely hidden.”

NY: TRASH PROBE. BN. “The former chief operating officer of a Lewiston waste disposal business testified before a federal grand jury earlier this year about campaign donations to Mayor Byron W. Brown and the company’s contracts with the City of Buffalo, two sources said.”

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11.18 political law links

NEW PACKAGE. RC. “Pelosi and Sarbanes said during the call that they expect the House to move early next year to pass a bill similar to the current measure, which stretches hundreds of pages. It would set up an optional program to match contributions candidates receive from small donors with six times that amount from the government.”

TIES CUT. FN. “Rep. Ilhan Omar is reportedly severing financial ties with her husband’s political consulting firm after previous payments totaling nearly $2.8 million ignited scrutiny and complaints to a campaign finance watchdog.”

HEARING TODAY. SRULES. The hearing for FEC nominees starts at 10 a.m.

CA: FUNDING REVEALED. FB. “Special interest groups — mainly labor unions, agricultural groups, real estate interests, oil/energy groups and health care interests — top the list for many Republican and Democratic candidates in the central San Joaquin Valley.”

CA: NEW CHIEF. OCB. “The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) today announced the appointment of Angela Brereton as Chief of Enforcement.”

VA: DOMINION ENERGY GIVES. EP. “Dominion Energy has contributed $750,500 to Virginia General Assembly members and political committees so far this year, according to campaign finance reports that its political action committee filed with the Virginia Department of Elections through September.”

WA: TRIAL STARTS. COL. “The state of Washington on Monday began its court case against Tim Eyman, alleging that over the better part of a decade, the serial initiative filer and conservative activist solicited kickbacks, laundered political donations and flouted campaign finance law in an ongoing scheme to enrich himself and deceive his political donors and the public.”

WI: RECOUNT CO$T. WEC. “Wisconsin’s county clerks have submitted cost estimates totaling approximately  $7.9 million for a statewide recount, according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.”