8.25 political law links

CA:  TWO BILLS MOVE.  Capradio.org.  “One would require the disclosure of the top five contributors to ballot measures; the other would require that paid actors appearing in campaign ads be identified as such.”

CT:  SUPER PAC MOCK.  CT Post.  “Though legal, here’s what’s wrong: The money coming through the polical action committees makes a mockery of the state’s public campaign finance reform.”

NM:  HEARING VACATED.  KOB.  “The state Supreme Court has scrapped a planned hearing on a campaign finance lawsuit after the legal dispute was resolved between Democratic gubernatorial nominee Gary King and Secretary of State Dianna Duran.”

NY:  DONOR ALLEGATIONS.  Bizjournals.com.  “Tanski, who has several businesses with interests in the Town of Halfmoon, allegedly contributed a total of $6,000 to the campaign of Wormuth through the straw donors, in violation of the $1,000 contribution limit, Schneiderman’s Office said.”

TX:  INDICTMENT FUNDRAISING.  WP.  “Rick Perry’s Super PAC is now selling $25 t-shirts with his mugshot on the front.”

TX:  RULE CONSIDERED.  Lubbockonline.com.  “The Texas Ethics Commission has moved forward with a measure to out secret campaign donors despite a pending federal lawsuit by a conservative group over whether the commission has the authority to regulate dark money disclosure.”

WI:  COORDINATION ISSUES.  WP.  “The documents released Friday by a federal appeals court also show that prosecutors believe Walker personally solicited donations for conservative group Wisconsin Club for Growth to get around campaign finance limits and disclosure requirements as he fended off the recall attempt in 2012.”

WI: WHAT EMAILS SHOW.  NYT.  “The investigation has pulled back the curtain on the ways politicians and their aides seek to get around the welter of state and national campaign finance restrictions to accommodate donors, and it has clouded the White House prospects of Mr. Walker.”

WI: WALKER DOCS LATER WITHDRAWN. Politico. “A fresh batch of emails emerged Friday night that shows Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was deeply involved in raising money for an ostensibly independent group focused on fending off the recall.”


8.21 political law links

SUPER PAC ATTACK.  Roll Call.  “Put Alaska First, a group formed to support Democratic Sen. Mark Begich, launched an ad Wednesday against Republican Dan Sullivan targeting his lack of Alaska roots and using a controversial mining project in the state as a wedge issue.”

MONEY SOURCE NOTED.  Montana Standard.  “Only one-third of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Steve Daines’ $5 million in campaign money has come from Montanans – yet that percentage is more than usual for a key Senate race, political observers say.”

ETHICS ISSUES.   Wausau Daily Herald.  “The independent Office of Congressional Ethics studied Petri’s case for several months before referring it to the Ethics Committee. Both are seeking to determine if Petri broke House rules by going to bat for Oshkosh Corp., a defense contractor in his district, while owning hundreds of thousands of dollars of stock in the company.”

DC:  BROWN CONTINUES FIGHT.  WP.  “But Brown’s battle with authorities has not ended with his prison sentence. Documents show that the 49-year-old son of late Commerce Secretary Ronald H. Brown Jr. continues to fight the District government’s ethics board over charges that could result in large fines. Among his arguments: that city ethics rules ‘do not cover the circumstances of an FBI sting operation.’”

FL:  CHALLENGE TO ETHICS.  Tallahassee.com.  “The city of Tallahassee is challenging a proposed ballot initiative that would create a new ethics code, saying in court documents that the proposal is ‘unclear and ambiguous’ and would ‘mislead voters.’”

MT:  CANDIDATES REMOVED FROM BALLOT.  Billings Gazette.  “The state will remove three legislative candidates and two candidates for county commissions from the Nov. 4 ballot after they failed to file campaign finance reports, the commissioner of political practices said.”

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8.20 political law links

CORPORATE POLITICAL ACTIVITIES 2014 SOON.  PLI. “To stay above reproach, be sure to attend this acclaimed program. High-level officials from the Federal Election Commission, the Department of Justice, Congressional ethics committees, and state ethics agencies, as well as corporate compliance officers and expert private practitioners, will explain how to navigate the laws that regulate political, lobbying and gift activities.”

GUIDES FOR RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS AND POLITICAL ACTIVITY.  Interfaith Alliance.  “Interfaith Alliance’s guides, ‘A Campaign Season Guide for Houses of Worship’ and ‘Running for Office in a Multi-Faith Nation,’ serve as valuable resources that will help religious leaders, candidates and voters navigate the complex relationship between politics and religion.”

TRAVEL RULES ISSUES.  WP.  “Ethics rules for travel have proved one on the biggest tripping points for candidates. If candidates use a taxpayer-funded flight for constituent services, but make  a campaign stop along the way, they are treading in a gray area that is sure to get attention. If their staff accidentally pays for a campaign trip with taxpayer funds, they’ll be in even more trouble. If they try to hide it, things get pretty ugly.”

PLEA.  Miami Herald.  “Miami congressional candidate and ex-U.S. Rep. David Rivera was officially named as a co-conspirator Tuesday in federal court when his friend and confederate pleaded guilty to criminal campaign-finance violations.”

WI:  WALKER AND REFORM.  Madison.com.  “‘Fighting Bob’ La Follette, Russ Feingold and… Scott Walker?”