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LOBBY RETOOL.  WSJ.  “Corporations are scrambling to retool their lobbying efforts as Republicans, preparing for control of the House, Senate and White House come January, hope to break the partisan logjam that has blocked the passage of legislation for six years.”

DONORS AFTER 16.  MJ.  ” It’s true that Trump’s victory has changed what we thought we knew about politics. But does it change what we know about money in politics? Let’s look at the facts.”

RECOUNT FUNDS.  Bloomberg.  “Stein said on her website that she’s raised more than $6 million for her recount effort so far, with a $7 million goal. The funds already raised will cover costs in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, she said.”

LAST CHANCE.  USN.  “Even now, there is still time for [President Obama] to do so, by issuing an executive order requiring large government contractors to disclose their campaign spending.”

INAUGURATION IN VIEW.  NYT.  “President-elect Donald J. Trump will allow corporations and wealthy individuals to make large donations to fund the activities surrounding his inauguration, complicating his promise to eliminate special interests from influencing his government.”

AZ:  COMPLAINT POLITICAL.  ADS.  “Flagstaff Mayor-elect Coral Evans says a complaint filed with the Secretary of State against her campaign committee for taking contributions from two businesses this year and four in 2012 is politically motivated.”

DC:  EMERGENCY LEGISLATION.  WP.  “D.C. Council member Kenyan R. McDuffie said he will introduce emergency legislation to bar contributions to political action committees during non-election years in an effort to close what some view as a major campaign finance loophole before the start of 2017.”

NY:  BUSINESS GOOD.  NYP.  “Patrick Jenkins, a longtime friend and $4,000-a-month political adviser to Speaker Carl Heastie, who replaced corrupt Sheldon Silver in the powerful post, has seen his lobbying business triple since his buddy became speaker last year, according to records reviewed by The Post.”

SC:  UPDATE LAWS.  PC.  “Senators also need to reach consensus on campaign finance laws, such as how candidate accounts would work and fundraising limits for the gubernatorial ticket. Current limits are $3,500 for each office separately for the primary and general election.”

TN:  COMPLAINT FILED.  MP.  “Drew Rawlins, executive director of the Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance, requested an opinion from Attorney General Herbert Slatery about the Campaign Finance Disclosure Act of 1980 and whether it allows an elected state official running for federal office to make a contribution from his state campaign to his federal campaign account. Rawlins’ request also asks if the answer would change if the contribution is $1,000 or less.”

WA:  LAWYER ACCUSED.  RG.  “The Washington Attorney ­General’s ­Office has charged an ­Everett lawyer with campaign ­finance violations, saying that from 2012 to 2015 he concealed the source of at least $16,000 in political contributions — including donations to ­Attorney General Bob ­Ferguson himself.”


Political law links for Tues., Nov. 22nd

PARALLEL RETURN.  BG. “A major political fundraising organization chaired by U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., has decided to forfeit $267,000 in political donations from a Boston law firm now under federal investigation.”

NEW LOBBYIST RULE.  CNS.  “And finally, on ethics reform, Trump said he will impose a five-year ban on executives becoming lobbyists after they leave his administration and a lifetime ban on executives lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.”

LOBBYIST-FREE.  Politico.  “The Trump transition announced new landing teams for the departments of Defense, State and Justice and the National Security Council.”

CT:  BUSINESS SETTLES.  WL.  “The Office of Campaign and Political Finance announced on Monday that Brian Bairos, owner and president of Colorado Ave. LLC, in Rhode Island and McIsaac and Bairos New England Distribution LLC, in Avon will pay $7,500. His bookkeeper, Ashley Arruda, will pay $2,500.”

MD:  PAY TO PLAY REPORT DUE.  JDS.  “We wish to remind you that companies with one or more Maryland state or local government contracts worth at least $200,000 are required to file semiannual pay-to-play reports with the Maryland State Board of Elections by May 31 and November 30, even if they have not received new contracts during the year and even if they have no reportable contributions.”

MT:  CASE APPEALED.  BDC. “A state lawmaker fined $68,232 for accepting banned corporate campaign contributions is appealing to the Montana Supreme Court.”

NY:  CONFLICTS AND ETHICS RULE CHANGES.  GG.  “The City Council heard testimony Monday on a broad package of bills that would prevent conflicts of interest between elected officials and political nonprofits, limit the electoral influence of those who do business with the city, and make it easier for first-time candidates to navigate the city’s campaign finance system.”

NY:  BILL BACKED.  NYP.  “The de Blasio administration on Monday said it will back a bill that limits contributions to political non-profits to $400 from lobbyists and others who do business with the city — even though Hizzoner’s now-defunct Campaign for One New York was the driving force behind it.”

OH:  COUNCILMAN DEFENDS. NN.  “A Cleveland City councilman defended his decision to spend more than $5,000 of campaign donations on trips outside of Cleveland last year.

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Billboard gets attention and the day’s political law links

RULES MAKE SPEECH EXPENSIVE.  Backer.  “You cannot meaningfully engage in any political activity or speech without paying for legal and compliance services to navigate the regulatory forest artificially placed between you and the public.”

SCHOCK AND TRAVEL FUNDS.  HR.  “Perhaps more stunning was an allegation found on page 34 of the charging document: Schock’s apparent willingness to pocket thousands of constituents’ dollars by arranging annual Washington tours combined with meet-and-greets.”

NO INVESTIGATION.  CRP.  “The Federal Election Commission announced today that it has deadlocked along party lines on whether to further investigate whether a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization called Carolina Rising should have disclosed the donors that funded its political ads in 2014 or register as a political committee.”

AR:  MONEY PROPOSAL.  AO.  “Democrats on Thursday began filing a package of 11 proposed laws they said would increase transparency and ethics during state election campaigns.”

MS:  BILLBOARD DECRIED.  HA.  “The artist-led For Freedoms super PAC has erected a billboard on Highway 80 outside Pearl, Mississippi that features President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s slogan ‘Make American Great Again’ atop a well-known Civil Rights-era photograph by Spider Martin of a confrontation on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama.”

MT:  STATE TO DISMISS.  LMH.  “The Montana commissioner of political practices plans to dismiss an ethics complaint filed by a Republican lawmaker against Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock over the governor’s use of the state plane, an attorney for the commissioner said Friday.”

TN:  DURHAM FINANCES.  TN.  “The FBI is investigating Jeremy Durham and has interviewed at least two people about his campaign finances, The Tennessean has learned.”

TX:  ZIMMERMAN APPEALS.  AS.  “Zimmerman is appealing a portion of a case involving limits on individual contributions to candidates and total fundraising outside of Austin to a U.S. appeals court based in New Orleans, his attorney Jerad Najvar announced Thursday.”