8.10 political law links

PRISON AND FINE IN REIMBURSEMENT CASE.   PH.   “Former local developer Michael Liberty was sentenced to four months in prison and fined $100,000 Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Portland for federal campaign finance violations.”

REPORT OF SEIZURES.  LAT.  “FBI agents searched the office of Rep. Duncan Hunter’s campaign treasurer in February, seizing computer equipment and documents for their investigation into whether the Alpine Republican misused campaign funds.”

DC:  REFUNDS MADE.   WP.  “The attorney general for Washington, D.C. has repaid $3,500 to donors after accepting illegal campaign contributions.”

IL:  LOBBYIST WARNING.   CT.  ‘Chicago’s ethics law defines a lobbyist as someone who “undertakes to influence any legislative or administrative action’ by city officials, employees and the City Council or its committees. A person does not have to be paid by a company or a party to be considered a lobbyist; they just have to try to influence city officials on behalf of another individual or entity.”

NY:  CAMPAIGN FINANCE CRASH COURSE.   TU.  “When it comes to the maximum someone can donate to a mayoral candidate in Albany, it’s not cut and dry.”

TX:  BOARD MEMBER FINED.    CHRON.  “The Texas Ethics Commission has fined a former member of a regional transportation agency for failing to disclose business ownership stakes and executive posts on his annual ethics statement.”

WI:  TOWN SUPPORTS REFORM.   GBP.   “The town of Gibraltar is the latest municipality to join other Door County communities supporting a statewide referendum on campaign finance reform.”

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8.9 political law links

PAYMENTS IN THE NEWS.   FN.  “Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks (N.Y.) has paid a company that is owned by his chief of staff’s wife nearly $200,000 from his campaign funds, Federal Election Commission filings show.”

LIBERATE THE (C)(4).     NPQ.  “It should surprise no one that a growing number of nonprofits have chosen to form affiliated 501(c)(4)s that, in exchange for giving up tax deductibility, provide the organizations a much greater ability to affect political outcomes.”

ZERO TO DO.   DN.  “Danny Ainge and his wife contributed $250,000 to a political action committee supporting their son, Tanner, in his 3rd Congressional District primary race but have nothing to do with how the money’s being spent, the elder Ainge said Tuesday.”

CA:  MEETING AND FLIP.   SB.  “A former labor lobbyist who serves on California’s political watchdog agency met privately, talked on the phone and exchanged text messages with a lawyer working for Senate Democrats while advocating for the agency to flip a longstanding legal interpretation of campaign finance law in favor of Sen. Josh Newman.”

DC:  DONATIONS ACCEPTED.    WP. “Regulators are scrutinizing $3,500 in excessive donations to the 2014 election bid of Attorney General Karl A. Racine, a potential embarrassment for one of the District’s foremost champions of campaign-finance reform.”

NJ:  EMERGING SUPER PAC.  OBS.  “Phil Murphy may have limited how much he can spend to win the governor’s mansion, but it looks like he’ll get help from a newly-formed super political action committee.”

OH:  DRUGMAKER DISCLOSURE.   DIS.  “While an association of big drug makers hasn’t divulged which members are bankrolling a campaign against an Ohio prescription drug ballot issue, two companies voluntarily disclosed that they gave more than $7.7 million.”


8.8 political law links

HOLMAN ON WAIVERS.   HP.  “Echoing a provision of Obama’s ethics executive order, Trump’s policy expressly prohibits former lobbyists from working on the same specific issue areas in government that they had lobbied on in the previous two years.”

DEAN PUNCHES LEFT.   OBS.  “Now Dean is involved in setting up Hillary Clinton’s new Super PAC, Onward Together.”

ROSEN REACH AND B-ROLL.  WT.  “Silent video with no editing or obvious messaging is a common means for politicians to provide video of the candidate to outside groups. Legally, the campaign is not allowed to directly coordinate with groups, but posting the footage on a public forum allows them to go around such restrictions and provide groups with what they need to cut ads on their behalf.”

SUPER PAC LAUNCH.   KUTV.  “One of the Republicans running to replace Jason Chaffetz in Congress is getting some help from [] his famous father — especially when it comes to money.”

CA:  HOTEL REIMBURSEMENTS.   LAT.   “When she fell short of her assigned goals, she offered to reimburse hotel employees and their spouses if they wrote checks to the candidates.”

CA:  RECALLS AND RULES.   LAT.  “At the request of Senate Democrats, the commission is expected to abandon its long-held interpretation of state law that limits how much elected officials can transfer to recall campaigns of other candidates, over the objections of the commission’s lawyers and its chairwoman, Jodi Remke.”

FL:  LEFTOVER FUNDS.   NH.  “So where does the money go? Some spend it all, and some return it to donors. But those who don’t typically give the money to charity. Here’s a look at where local politicians elected in the past two years donated their excess funds.”

NY:  CULTURE UNDER FIRE.   CBS.  “The release of emails that de Blasio exchanged with a number of deep pocketed donors seeking favors, has rocked the mayor’s world.”

OH:  REVEAL NAMES?   DIS.  “The Dispatch strongly opposes Issue 2, an overly simplistic ballot measure to impose an unworkable cap on what the state can pay for prescription drugs, but the campaign to defeat the issue took a wrong turn by hiding the identity of its financial backers.”

KENYA:  STATE OF PLAY.   AA.  “So who finances political campaigns in Kenya? It’s a difficult question to answer because campaign financing arrangements are opaque, and there’s no legal obligation for sponsors to declare all their interests.”