2.11 political law links

LOAN ISSUE. TBT. “U.S. Rep. Ross Spano, already facing a federal probe into his 2018 campaign, may have more trouble on his hands.”

NEW MEASURES. RC. “House members and political money experts debated comprehensive new campaign finance overhaul measures on Thursday, but they heard testimony from a Federal Election Commission member who suggested they might first want to address the existing campaign regulatory infrastructure.”

FREE REIN. HILL. “The GAO report paints a broken campaign finance enforcement system providing minimal chance of detecting these fraudulent schemes and even less probability of exposure to civil or criminal enforcement.”

EAC BUDGET. FUL. “The plan he unveiled Monday would cut spending 14 percent at the Election Assistance Commission, the federal agency tasked with making sure voting machines are reliable and therefore at the center of efforts to prevent foreign hacking.”

CA: CHALLENGE COMING. SFE. “A federal judge in San Francisco will hear arguments on Feb. 14 on a political campaign committee’s free-speech challenge to new donor disclosure rules enacted by city voters in November.”

ME: FACING INVESTIGATION. MPR. “A potential referendum over Central Maine Power’s power line proposal for western Maine is generating more campaign finance violations, this time from opponents of the project.”

ECU: TRIAL. YN. ” Former President Rafael Correa goes on trial before Ecuador’s highest court starting Monday on charges of campaign finance fraud and accepting millions of dollars in bribes.”


2-5-20 political law links

ASKING WHY. USAT. “Last month, Common Cause — a watchdog group that fights against gerrymandering, voter suppression and the role of money in politics — filed a formal complaint against Sanders and Our Revolution with the Federal Election Commission.”

CO: NO SHARING. RH. “A Fort Collins-based political entity has been charged with two misdemeanors for allegedly refusing to disclose required campaign finance information during the 2019 election cycle.”

FL: COMPLAINT FILED. KN. “The complaint, lodged Jan. 30 with the Florida Division of Elections by attorney William S. Pollak, contends Mooney received more than the allowed individual maximum of $1,000 in a state legislative campaign from two Upper Keys residents.”

FL: BLOCKING CURBS. TF. “Cities and counties in Florida that want to limit dark money or foreign donors in their own elections would be stopped under a surprise proposal now moving through the Legislature.”

MO: MONEY CURBS. KPVI. “State Auditor Nicole Galloway is again urging Gov. Mike Parson to take action to curb the influence of dark money in Jefferson City, following his recent comments on the subject.”

NY: SPENDING LOOK. DF. “State Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, D-Kingston, spent thousands of dollars in campaign cash in 2019 at, among other places, restaurants, florists and theaters, according to recent filings with the state Board of Elections.”

OR: FIGHT LAUNCHED. OPB. “Oregon legislators are wasting no time in once again diving into a new political fight over Oregon’s wide-open system of raising money for campaigns.”


2-4-20 political law links

PAC HIT. PH. “A Washington, D.C., nonprofit focused on reducing the influence of money in politics has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission over a $150,000 donation to a pro-Susan Collins political action committee.”

GAO ON CAMPAIGN FINANCE. GAO. “Among other things, this report provides views from a range of specialists on federal campaign finance issues. For example, specialists noted that campaign finance laws and regulations have not kept up with the internet and do not regulate online political ads to the same extent as TV, radio, and print ads.”

MONEY RACE. DMR. “Democratic and Republican campaigns and outside groups seeking to bolster, or hurt, candidates have spent or reserved almost $69 million in advertisements as of Friday, according to tracking firm Advertising Analytics.”

AR: BLACKOUT HALTED. BL. “Arkansas can’t enforce a law prohibiting ‘a longtime political activist’ from donating to political campaigns until two years before election day, because the law likely violates her First Amendment rights, the Eighth Circuit said Monday.”

OR: REFORM DOUBT. PM. “Oregon’s Supreme Court is considering a case that could reverse a previous decision that found that limits on campaign contributions violated the state constitution by infringing on free-speech protections.”

TX: BUILDING ORGANIZATION. TT. “Backed by massive donations, the Republican super PAC Engage Texas is assembling a behemoth of an organization as it rushes to register new voters ahead of a crucial 2020 election.”