3.22.18 political law links

AAN REACTION.   NLR.  “In a consequential decision, a federal court in Washington, D.C. concluded yesterday that all ‘electioneering communications’ presumptively count as political spending for purposes of determining whether a group should register as a political action committee and disclose its donors.”

AZ:  BALLOT TITLE ISSUE.  DS.  “Usually, fighting over ballots happens only after elections.   But this week, Jan Harnik, the Palm Desert City Council member running against incumbent Supervisor Manuel ‘Manny’ Perez, filed suit over the title by which Perez will be referred to on this year’s ballots.”

CA:  TARGETING INTERNET ADS.   DJ.  “The bill would require social media platforms to include a link labeled ‘Who funded this ad?’ next to text indicating the content is promoted or sponsored and profile pages for committees to display their top three contributors in the cover photo, which would be easily viewable once viewers click on the ‘Who funded this ad?’ link.”

CA:  DONATION QUESTIONS.   EBT.  “Fremont’s police union donated $10,000 to Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley’s re-election campaign while her office investigated three officers’ actions in the fatal separate shootings of two people last year, campaign finance records show.”

ND:  PETITIONS OK.   USN.  “Supporters of changing the North Dakota constitution to include a sweeping government ethics overhaul can begin circulating petitions to try to bring the issue to voters.”

WI:  REFORM EFFORT.   CT.  “Petri, a Republican who represented the state’s 6th congressional district for 18 terms, is one of three Wisconsinites involved in Issue One’s ReFormers Caucus, a bipartisan group of nearly 200 former members of Congress and governors pushing for strengthened campaign finance regulations and a return to bipartisanship.”

FRA:  SARKOZY CHARGED.   BB.  “Prosecutors charged former French President Nicolas Sarkozy with accepting illegal campaign contributions from Muammar Qaddafi’s regime in Libya before the 2007 French election, according to a person in a Paris prosecutor’s office familiar with the matter.”


3.21.18 political law links

CHANGES CONSIDERED.   RC.  “Lawmakers continue to debate major changes to political money regulations as part of a year-end spending package, despite opposition from numerous congressional Democrats and campaign finance watchdog groups.”

NEW CHARGES.   PHI.  “Federal prosecutors on Tuesday filed new charges against a top aide to U.S. Rep. Bob Brady, accusing Ken Smukler of obstructing a federal investigation and concealing illegal contributions to Marjorie Margolies, a former member of Congress from Montgomery County who ran again in 2014.”

CASE CONTINUES.   EN.  “The prosecution laid out a wide-ranging fraud case against Stockman, saying he stole charitable donations and funneled them through a series of bank accounts and then lied to cover his tracks.”

COOPER’S OPINION.   WP.  “A federal judge on Tuesday said the Federal Election Commission failed to enforce campaign finance disclosure requirements against an outside group that ran political advertisements in the weeks leading up to the 2010 midterms.”

CA:  BAN CONSIDERED.  LAT.  “Dunn’s contributions are allowed by state law, but some believe such payments undermine public confidence in the appointment process. That concern is behind a new proposal by Assemblyman Adam Gray (D-Merced) to outlaw contributions to senators by political appointees for up to a year between the time they are chosen by the governor until their required confirmation by the Senate.”

WA:  COUNTY PARTY COMPLAINTS.   CO.  “The number of complaints made to the Public Disclosure Commission more than doubled to 796 in 2017, up from 309 in 2016. Spokeswoman Kim Bradford said the PDC saw a sharp rise in those that were linked to so-called citizen action notices last year. In 2017, the PDC received 283, compared to 36 in 2016.”

FRA:   SARKOZY DETAINED.   BB.  “Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was detained for questioning by police in an investigation into suspected illegal financing of his successful 2007 campaign, a person familiar with the matter said.”


3.20.18 political law links

DEAR ZUCK.   CNBC.  “A top official at the Federal Election Commission has invited Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Larry Page to testify at a public hearing in June.”

ONLINE RULES PROPOSED.   LEX.  “The Federal Election Commission (FEC) this week issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, asking for public comment on proposals for requiring ‘disclaimers’ on online ads and fundraising.”

PROPOSED RULES ANNOUNCED.  COV.  “The proposal and the Commissioners’ comments at the hearing reflect a fair amount of consensus on how to refashion rules that have been the source of significant disputes over the past decade.”

CT:  FINANCING FACEOFF.   CTP.  “Republicans and state election officials faced off over public financing for political campaigns Monday, debating whether to reinforce the program or ditch it altogether.”

TX:  YARD SIGN PAYMENTS.   TA. “The amount of money Fortunato has paid his son’s company is irrelevant under campaign finance laws. But the transactions appear to fly in the face of rules governing the limited circumstances under which campaign dollars may be paid to a candidate’s immediate family members.”