11.16 political law links

RUN-OFF LIMITS. COV. “Donors seeking to make contributions to support their preferred candidates in these run-offs should be mindful of a variety of restrictions…”

TRANSITION GUIDELINES. COV. “In the alert, we answer key compliance questions regarding the Biden-Harris Transition and the Biden Inaugural Committee.”

PALAZZO PROBE. MST. “The Office of Congressional Ethics is investigating U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo’s campaign spending, after a watchdog group in March filed a complaint questioning whether he was using campaign contributions as a “’personal slush fund.'”

FUND DESTINATION. NPR. “Fischer says the language of the Trump campaign’s fundraising emails could severely mislead his supporters.”

MONEY FLOW. TVD. “The unusual way the Trump campaign is divvying up the contributions has drawn scrutiny from election watchdogs, who say Trump and his family are poised to financially benefit from the arrangement.”

FEC PACK. WHO. “Senate Republicans plan to move forward with three Federal Election Commission (FEC) nominations next week, raising concerns that the party is attempting to pack the panel with ‘partisans’ after blocking it from enforcing election laws for more than a year.”

CHAIR ON CLAIMS. NM. “‘State law allows those observers to be in there,’ he said, adding if the law isn’t being followed then this election is ‘illegitimate.'”

FORWARD ON REFORM. HILL. “The amount of money raised and spent this election cycle for president, Senate and House is obscene. Now is the time for serious and meaningful campaign finance reforms.”

CA: COMPLAINTS UP. LAT. “California’s political watchdog agency saw a big jump in the number of complaints alleging campaign law violations for the November election, even in comparison to the tumultuous 2016 presidential election year, and dozens of investigations are ongoing, officials say.”

MO: CLEARED IN CASE. STL. “Republican Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft has closed an investigation into Democratic Auditor Nicole Galloway over a GOP group’s allegations of campaign finance violations.”

SD: PITCH CONFUSION. NBC. “Federal election law makes it difficult for state campaign committees like Noem’s to donate to federal campaigns because it would have to ensure the donations it receives meet federal contribution limits.”

FRA: DECISIONS MADE. LF. “It’s a juicy story, if a bit confusing. The scandal involves a labyrinth of political operatives, secret bank accounts and—of course—two early modern Dutch paintings. It also involves the idiosyncrasies of French criminal procedure.”


11-5-20 political law links

RECOUNT RAISING. HILL. “The Trump and Biden campaigns on Wednesday blitzed supporters with fundraising requests in anticipation of drawn-out legal fights around the closely contested presidential election.”

POST-ELECTION HATCH ACT. FNN. “Federal employees could violate the Hatch Act in this case by, for example, forwarding emails to coworkers from a political party, wearing a T-shirt in support or opposition of a particular party or posting on social media about a political group while on duty, according to the guidance.”

LATE ADS. CNBC. “A little-known dark money group has quietly spent almost half a million dollars in the buildup to Election Day on digital ads against an executive order signed by President Donald Trump.”

NE: LACK OF LIMITS. NTV. “So for better or for worse its clear that big money has a big influence on politics here in the Cornhusker state and the experts see the amount of money being thrown into Nebraska races grow every year and they say without a new focus on limiting campaign spending Nebraska elections could stop coming down to who shows up to vote and more about who shows up to write a check.”

NC: MONEY FLOWS. JN. “And who knew that a campaign for a single seat in the Legislature could wind up costing millions?”

OR: OPEN TO LIMITS. OPB. “Limits to campaign contributions and spending should be explicitly allowed in the state’s constitution, Oregon voters decided Tuesday.”


Election Day 2020 Political Law Links

REMAINING FUNDS USE. NCM. “So what happens after November 3 to all the campaign funds that aren’t spent? Corrado says there are four ways the money is allowed to be used. 

STEIN OWES. BI. “The Stein campaign is now out of money, still owing tens of thousands of dollars to the FEC for failing to disclose how it was spending donations, mandatory reports sometimes filed over a year late.”

MONEY CHASE. NYT. “The 2020 election has blown past previous records to become the most expensive campaign in American history, with the final tally for the battle for the White House and control of the Senate and the House expected to hit nearly $14 billion, according to new projections made by the Center for Responsive Politics.”

FIRM GIVING. BI. “Lawyers at Jones Day, which provides outside counsel to President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, have donated $90,000 to Trump’s rival Joe Biden — and just $50 to Trump, according to a Reuters analysis.”

BUNDLER DISCLOSURE. VOX. “Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden finally disclosed the roster of his biggest fundraisers on Saturday, unveiling the names of the 820 people who have helped him build a big-money juggernaut.”

PLOWED THROUGH. AP. “President Donald Trump’s sprawling political operation has raised well over $1 billion since he took the White House in 2017 — and set a lot of it on fire.”

CA: IRVINE INVESTIGATION. VOC. “In a complaint to the Fair Political Practices Commission, city council candidate Mark Newgent points to a trip Khan took last year to the Republic of Azerbaijan to attend the Fifth World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue, saying it violated laws governing how elected officials can accept gifts.”

CA: CAP CONSDERED. DS. “The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will hold its initial public hearing on a proposal to cap individual campaign contributions to local candidates in any election at $20,000.”

MD: SAGA NEWS. FB. “Finance reports submitted by the Nick Mosby campaign show inconsistencies in the campaign’s bank account balance, according to a review by FOX45 News.”

OH: FUNDS FOR FEES. CLE. “Former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder has spent nearly $950,000 from his campaign account on legal fees since his arrest in July on a federal corruption charge, according to the campaign-finance report he filed with the state on Thursday.”

TX: CORPORATE FUNDS ISSUE. TRN. “Fincannon said he acted quickly to set things right, returning $1,500 in political contributions to two local businesses Tuesday morning to avoid campaign finance violations.”

VT: FINAL REPORT. WCAX. “Friday night marks the final campaign finance report deadline for Vermont candidates before election day. Starting with the incumbent Governor Phil Scott has raised more than $95,000 since October 13th. That’s from about 300 contributors.”