Lobbyist-Bundled Contributions

In an earlier post (February 2008) I noted the state of play on lobbyist-bundled contributions, given the new rules of HLOGA and the FEC’s lack of a quorum.  Today’s Post includes “FEC Nomination Impasse Stalls Disclosure of Bundling Data,” with helpful commentary from FEC Chairman David Mason:

“We are unable to issue regulations on any topic.  Because of the way the statute is written . . . this does mean that no lobbyist bundling reporting will be required in July,” David Mason, one of the two commissioners, said. “The effective date will continue to recede into the future until the commission regains a quorum.”

The article provides a good overview of the situation and quotes Fred Werthheimer: “We may not see any bundling information for the entire election year of 2008[.]”  Under current law, conduit reports provide bundling information under certain conditions, as the FEC files for two prominent campaigns show.   Undoubtedly HLOGA provides for increased disclosure of lobbyist-bundled contributions.

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