More on Elton John Concert

The Post’s campaign finance reporter held an online discussion Friday.  I previously noted the issues surrounding the event here and here.  The online discussion includes this exchange:

Newburyport, Mass.: Was Elton John paid for his performance at the Hillary raise-a-thon? If not, isn’t it illegal for a foreign citizen to donate to a U.S. election? I understand he lives in Atlanta, but that doesn’t automatically make him a national. If it did, he’d have to lose the Sir moniker. That’s also against federal law. Can you clean this up a bit? Thanks.

Matthew Mosk: I had an editor ask me the same question when this concert was announced. What campaign lawyers say about this is that Elton John’s concert is not an in-kind donation. He is, in essence, a volunteer — he’s volunteering his time to perform on Clinton’s behalf. Anyone from anywhere can volunteer on a campaign. But… and there is a but… if anyone working on the concert is being paid — lighting crews, sound guys, whatever — the campaign has to cover those costs or their efforts would, indeed, be an in-kind contribution.

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