Finance Rules for Richmond Mayor Discussed

The Mayor of Richmond is not running again and this article discusses what he can do with funds left in his campaign account.

The 77-year-old former governor will depart at year’s end with $131,768 remaining from his 2004 campaign treasury, according to the nonprofit Virginia Public Access Project, which tracks state and local political contributions in the state.

Wilder’s spokesman Linwood Norman was asked this week about the mayor’s plans but did not respond to questions, including what he may do with his leftover cash now that he’s decided against seeking re-election Nov. 4.

State law does not allow surplus campaign funds to be converted for personal use but does allow them to be:

  • transferred to an affiliated organization of the committee;
  • returned to contributors in amounts no greater than their initial contributions;
  • donated to charity, such as the slavery museum he has planned for Fredericksburg;
  • contributed to political candidates, parties or committees;
  • used to pay campaign expenses.
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