Two Maryland Stories

1.  Authorities “raided” Mayor Sheila Dixon’s office yesterday.  The Baltimore Sun has the article.

After spending more than seven hours inside, state prosecutors and police emerged from Dixon’s house — in Hunting Ridge, along the city’s western border with Baltimore County — carrying boxes, folders and a blue cooler they had brought in with them.

Prosecutors declined to comment on the search and gave no indication of what they were looking for or what they removed from Dixon’s home. Asked about the raid as she left her house Tuesday morning, Dixon responded: “Ask them.”

2.  State Senator Ulysses Currie is the subject of a federal investigation.  The Post has the latest.  He is asking the Maryland State Board of Election if he can use campaign funds to pay his legal expenses.

In a letter dated June 12, Currie (D-Prince George’s) asked for “clarification and a formal opinion concerning the appropriate use of my campaign funds.” Currie said he has engaged counsel to represent him in connection with a “federal criminal investigation that appears to relate to my position as a member of the General Assembly.”

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