LD-203 Contributions Reporting System Announced

The long-awaited LD-203 Contributions Reporting System has been announced.

The Contribution Reporting system will provide access to a pre-populated contribution form for each filer. Access to this system is based on current LDA registrations and reports with the House and Senate. Each filer must sign into the system using an ID number and password. When a filer is signed in, they will be able to update their contact information, create a new filing for a reporting period, and file their form based on their User ID. All communications regarding filing and account status is automated and will be sent to the address on file for an account via email.

Registrants will use the same ID and password that is used to file other lobbying disclosure forms to sign into the system, and must verify the registered lobbyist name before an account can be created for each employee. When a lobbyist name has been verified by the employer, the lobbyist must create a unique password for their account before they can sign into the system.

There’s a FAQ and a set of online videos to help with the reporting requirements.

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