LD-203 Data

CQ Today Online News provides an interesting report based on data required to be disclosed by lobbyists on the new LD-203.

Craig Holman of the watchdog group Public Citizen said his organization has tried to track lobbying contributions in the past, but only now with the aid of the new reporting requirements, will it be able to get a comprehensive look at how lobbyists behave as donors.

“We now have a database that makes it much better to try and follow this,” said Holman, who serves as a legislative representative for the group’s Congress Watch arm.

In addition to providing details of how much firm members as a whole are contributing, the new reports also show that the biggest firms are home to a number of generous individual donors. The largest individual lobbyist contributors, not surprisingly, are all managing partners or principals at their firms. Many are veterans of party politics and tend to give almost exclusively to one party or the other.

I previously noted some of the things I found looking at some LD-203’s.

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