YouTube House and Senate Hubs

YouTube announced that it created a House and Senate hub for officeholder videos.  The change to House and Senate rules required to allow the creation of these hubs was noted in this October 2008 article.

The House Rules Committee approved the change for the House of Representatives on Thursday, while the Senate Rules and Administration Committee adopted the new rules on September 19.

“In addition to their official ( Web site, a member may maintain another Web site(s), channel(s) or otherwise post material on third-party Web sites,” the new House rules read. They also allow members to provide links to or embed outside content on their official sites, provided they include an exit notice indicating the visitor is leaving the House.

The Senate rules also allow for links to be added to official sites. They allow senators to use any third-party site of their choice, but the senators will have an “approved list” of sites for reference.

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