What to Do with Leftover Campaign Funds?

Former Massachusetts Gov. Jane Swift recently donated leftover campaign funds to a charitable organization, according to this Boston Globe report.

Politicians who close down their campaign accounts have four options for the remaining funds: donating to a local city or town, to the state’s general fund, to a charity, or to a scholarship fund, according to the political finance office.

“The fact that I was a high-profile mom when I was in politics and focused a lot on children’s and family and education issues made finding and identifying a charity pretty easy,” Swift said.

Swift committed the remainder of her campaign funds – about $159,000 – to the DCF Kids Fund, a nonprofit that provides financial assistance to the 45,000 children in foster care through the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. The charity provides foster children everything from car seats and clothes to piano lessons and SAT training.

Small note:  The Boston Globe calls Swift “former acting governor”.  She took office upon the resignation of Gov. Cellucci and the state’s constitution apparently provides that if the office becomes vacant, for the remainder of that individual’s four-year term, the officeholder is called an “acting governor.” 

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