Lobbying and ROI

A new University of Kansas study shows that companies engaging lobbyists get a healthy return on their investment, according to this Post report.

The study zeros in on 93 firms that spent as much as $282.7 million lobbying on the issue during that period, and ultimately saved a total of $62.5 billion through the tax change.

Hui Chen of the University of Colorado, David C. Parsley of Vanderbilt University and Ya-Wen Yang of the University of Miami found that, on average, a company’s income rose by more than a half-percent for every 10 percent more it spent on lobbying. That translates into many millions of dollars for a large firm.

Lobbyists say they’re not surprised by the findings, which prove what they tell their clients all the time: You can’t afford not to have a seasoned Washington player on your team.

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