PMA Group Update

The Hill reports that Rep. John Murtha has received contributions from political action committee’s of former PMA Group clients.

Murtha’s campaign finance report, filed Tuesday, shows that Murtha got $5,000 from the political action committee of Advanced Acoustic Concepts Inc.; $2,400 from Terry Collins, president and chairman of Argon ST; and $1,400 from Alan J. Friedman, president and CEO of Planning Systems Inc.

Murtha is requesting $5 million for Advanced Acoustic Concepts for submarine navigation decision aids. The veteran lawmaker is asking for $8 million for Argon ST, to upgrade naval torpedo defense capabilities. For Planning Systems, Murtha is requesting $2.3 million for next-generation precision-airdrop capabilities.

Murtha also got contributions from two other former PMA clients, General Dynamics and MobilVox Inc., seeking earmarks through another congressional office.

He also got contributions from executives of KDH Defense Systems and Trident Systems. He has sought earmarks for the two companies, though they’re not PMA clients.

Murtha’s campaign filed the donations from each of the companies on March 4, the Wednesday after a large Friday-night fundraising event for Murtha at the Army-Navy Club in Arlington, Va.

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