Sen. Dodd’s Galway Cottage

cottageAccording to this report, a group filed an ethics complaint against Sen. Dodd regarding his property in Ireland.

Dodd bought the County Galway cottage with Kansas City businessman William Kessinger in 1994 for $160,000. Dodd said he contributed $12,000 toward the down payment and owned one-third of the property, while Kessinger owned two-thirds. In a lengthy interview with The Courant last month to discuss details of the cottage, Dodd said he did not recall why he and Kessinger did not split the purchase 50-50.

One of the purchase documents was witnessed by Edward R. Downe Jr., a longtime friend of Dodd’s who later was indicted for insider trading. Downe was a Kessinger business partner and introduced Dodd to Kessinger.

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