Fair Elections Now Act Update

Earlier I questioned whether one press release was evidence that the Fair Elections Now Act was gaining steam.  The Center for Competitive Politics discovered more press releases, but according to the group there is hardly a basis for concluding that support for the proposal is growing.

Quite frankly, if “momentum” really was “building” — as the “reformers” want everyone to believe — not only would there be a lot longer list of co-sponsors, but there also would be at least a few “R”s appearing on those co-sponsorship lists.

Nevertheless, we’re happy to let the “reformers” continue living in their fantasyland.  After all, given the current state of the American economy, the gigantic explosion in government spending, and skeptical public attitudes about using taxpayer money to bailout anyone (much less politicians), the “reformers” have to hope for fantasy because they can’t face reality.

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