Dear Editor

The Institute for Justice’s Paul Sherman wrote this letter to the editor in today’s Post in response to yesterday’s Dionne piece.

Corporations, no less than any other association of individuals, deserve the right to speak out about candidates and policies that may affect them. Indeed, media corporations such as The Washington Post Co. already enjoy this right. If Mr. Dionne is worried that businesses will use this freedom to secure favors from the government, the correct response — the constitutional response — is to restore limits on the power of government to dispense favors. The First Amendment demands nothing less.

The Center for Competitive Politics’ Brad Smith and Sean Parnell also wrote a letter in response to the piece (same link as above).

One hopes the Supreme Court will decide that the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law’s broad ban on certain political speech, as well as Austin‘s suppression of corporate and union speech, are impermissible violations of the First Amendment. Sadly, they are unlikely also to reject the vile Tillman’s legacy of silencing unwelcome political speech.

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