A couple of grassroots lobbying/public policy campaign items

Three items caught my eye this morning about grassroots lobbying and public policy.

The first is a report from SearchEngineLand.com about BP’s targeting of Google search terms related to the oil spill.   Not huge news (and the original story seems to have been a little exaggertaed), but interesting nonetheless.

The second link is about efforts to counter the fight against “distracted driving.”  Don’t get me started on distracted driving.  But putting my personal views aside, this site discloses what they assert is an internal document on a campaign prepared by the Seward Square Group and the Eris Group.  The Post noted this development here.

Finally, I wanted to note The Post‘s coverage of honey-related lobbying efforts.  “Industry groups and some lawmakers are also pressing the Food and Drug Administration to establish a national'”standard of identity’ for honey to ensure that products are 100 percent pure, rather than diluted with other sweeteners to cut costs or evade import restrictions.”  A day later The Post printed a correction to the story prompted, I suspect, by a very careful lawyer:  “The Influence Industry column on the July 1 Fed Page, about lobbying by the U.S. honey industry, said that the National Honey Board and the True Source Honey Initiative have launched public relations campaigns this year promoting pure honey to consumers and urging the Food and Drug Administration to set a standard for purity. The latter group is trying to persuade both consumers and the FDA, but the National Honey Board’s campaign is aimed only at promoting pure honey to consumers.”

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