Control of the House and K Street

Politico discusses lobbyists’ political donations and the prospects that Republicans will take control of the House here.

A GOP lobbyist who is active in party fundraising was more blunt.

“Your friends are your friends when you’re on top,” said this lobbyist, who requested anonymity to freely discuss a sensitive process. Business lobbyists “don’t get paid to invest in a challenger’s race. But if we take the House back, all these dopes will be there with a check.”

The lobbyist pointed to Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D-Pa.), a veteran legislator facing a tough race, as an example of the kind of calculus lobbyists must make.

“The American Bankers Association is not going to write a check to Paul Kanjorski’s opponent. Is Kanjorski going to lose? Probably. But he’s a subcommittee chair on the Banking Committee, so they’re not going to write [his opponent] a check.”

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