Settle in for a long night of political law updates

I’ll be updating this post tonight with a few updates, but frankly you’re much better off following the links and watching the network of your choice.

UPDATE: There are some points of interest in the WSJ’s note on allegations of coordination here.

UPDATE: Allegations of partisan GOTV from Vegas made news today here.

UPDATE: Today’s a busy day for election lawyers.  BLT.

Washington’s political law practices are hunkered down this Election Day, responding to calls from around the country on voting problems and awaiting possible recounts.

CNN’s calling Ohio for Portman, Paul in Kentucky, and Coats in Indiana.

UPDATE: Hurt’s ahead in VA-5 in early reporting.  VA SBE.

Spending broke records, no doubtRoll Call.

UPDATE: The Hill’s got the liveblog online here.

Mary Katharine Ham has some interesting updates on Twitter here.

Democratic lawyers were busy in at least two states, the Hill reports.  The DCCC is putting out the alert for problems on Twitter here.

UPDATE: Fox reports that the House will switch parties.

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