Today’s Political Activity Law A.M. report for Wed., Nov. 17

Good morning and thanks for reading.  Here is some of what I’m looking at this morning.

Don’t censor the net

Pretty please.

The Lisa Murkowski write-in campaign

Is one they’ll be studying for a while.  Anchorage Daily News.

Earmark twists and turns

This time on the Democratic side.  (Here’s an update on the R’s.)  The Times says the ban won’t solve our economic problems.

Funding recounts

Politico reports.

For some Republicans, the late contributions to the recount funds of cash-starved and exhausted colleagues cap a multiyear effort to attract the attention of party leaders in the quest for chairmanships and other leadership slots.

Healthy support for Dems

From Health PACs.

Does Congress need a strong ethics cop?

The Post answers here.  How might the Office of Congressional Ethics “disappear”?

That could be accomplished by simple inaction, if Republicans fail to include the office as part of the rules package to be adopted as the first order of business in the 112th Congress. Or it could be done through skillful legislative gutting, maintaining the shell of the office but further reducing its powers, as members of the Congressional Black Caucus have attempted to do.

Alleged fraud in New Jersey

The Post reports.

Amended finance reports filed last month by the Republican U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo show his campaign raised and spent less over the last two years than it had originally reported. Both amounts had been inflated by about $277,000, according to the amended reports, which do not detail exactly when the inflated numbers came about.

California’s new rules for online politics

Story here.

Election Law News

The always-enjoyable Wiley Rein Election Law Newsletter for November 2010 is available here.

Thanks to Rick Hasen

Many thanks to Rick Hasen for his kind mention of my site yesterday.

Crazy night of storms

Here in the DC area we were hit with heavy storms last night.  WTOP.  The storms almost prevented the preparation of today’s email (in addition to causing our noses to run after the heat was out for a few hours), but power was restored just in time.

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