Political activity law A.M. report for Friday, Jan. 7

Good morning.

Buckley at 35, Citizens United at 1

January is a big month in campaign finance case anniversaries.

The swearing-in issues

The Hill describes what happened.

GOP Reps. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) and Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) cast their first votes of the 112th Congress on Thursday despite the fact they were technically not members of Congress at the time.

“Money mess” at DCCC

Politico reports.

Pay fees before taking office

That’s the rule in Missouri.

Nearly $20,000 in ethics fees and fines kept Leonard “Jonas” Hughes IV from beginning his fourth term as a state representative when Missouri’s legislative session opened Wednesday.

Jay Kim in The Korea Times

Former Rep. Jay Kim writes about lobbyists and the Dokdo issue in The Korea Times here.

Have you seen Casino Jack?

Here’s a review.

Highest-paid MD lobbyists

Are the topic of this Baltimore Sun report.

Recommendation on new media rules for politics in Maryland

An advisory committee on Maryland campaign finance law released a report yesterday and more information is available here.  The recommendations include several items related to new media:

2. The General Assembly should enact legislation directing the State Board to adopt additional regulations in this area and to make recommendations to clarify how the State’s campaign finance laws apply to new media.

3. Additional disclosure requirements for candidates using new media may be appropriate, including reporting of sub-vendor information, to prevent covert campaigning by candidates and their committees through anonymous sources.

4. A new chapter of the State Board’s Campaign Finance Summary Guide should be drafted that specifically addresses issues related to new media.

The morning report returns on Monday, have a nice weekend

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