L-PACs, not the real Koch, and more political law links for the day

CALL TO LEADERSHIP (PACS). The Times reports.  “On Monday, Rep. Kristi Noem, a Republican from South Dakota, became the latest freshman member of Congress to form a leadership political action committee, commonly used to bolster the political aspirations of its founder.”

CRANK KOCH CALL ETHICS COMPLAINT. TPM has the link to the story here.  “The complaint — which was also posted earlier by Greg Sargent — alleges that several violations of the law occurred on the call: That Walker attempted to coordinate third-party campaign spending, when he told ‘Koch’ that there would need to be messaging in support of Republicans in tough districts; That he illegally used state facilities, the phone in his office, to commit said coordination; That he conspired to incite disorderly conduct when he said he had considered planting troublemakers among the protesters; That he misused the Attorney General’s office in seeking advice on ways to trick the Democrats to come back; That he violated labor laws by saying he would use threats of layoffs of state workers in an effort to pass the bill; And that he accepted a trip to California when offered by ‘Koch.'”

AMERICAN ACTION NETWORK COMPLAINT FILED. News here.  “Citizens for Ethics in Washington filed an IRS complaint against former Sen. Norm Coleman’s American Action Network Tuesday alleging that the group violated its 501(c)4 status by working to elect Republicans.”

ANYONE CAN BE A LOBBYIST.” More from Georgia.  “All employees writing to or talking with a lawmaker about a bill affecting their profession are considered lobbyists under a new legal interpretation by the state ethics agency that took effect Monday.”



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