POPVOX, jets, investigation no fiesta, Microsoft’s journey and more Tuesday political law links

POPVOX. As usual, e.politics enlightens with a link to a piece about a new tool for eadvocacy called PopVox.

JETS ON THE TARMAC. The Times reports.  “Once a candidacy is official during primary season, and travel requirements become far greater, campaigns usually start with small chartered jets, ‘like a Lear 35 or a Citation II,’ he said. When a campaign becomes fully national, the heavy metal comes in. After the conventions, leading candidates often lease a big plane and charter smaller ones for staff, supporters and the media. Charter suppliers usually perform services like billing news organizations for transporting the reporters who cover the campaigns.”

TRAVEL EXPENSES IN THE NEWS IN MO (AND NOT AIRCRAFT). Story here.  “The state’s No. 2 official, who has a home in Cape Girardeau and an office in Jefferson City, has grown accustomed to staying at luxury hotels in St. Louis – and letting taxpayers pick up the tab.”


CITIGROUP LOBBYING. News here.  “Banking behemoth Citigroup announced Monday that former senior Bush administration official Candi Wolff will head the company’s global government affairs shop, a move that comes as regulators in Washington and across the world are implementing new rules on the financial service industry.”

HAMPTON ARRAIGNMENT. Update here.  “Hampton, who now lives in Southern California, pleaded not guilty to the charges and was released on his own recognizance. His next court date is on July 1.”  The Hill‘s report is here.

PLAYING IN WI. Spending on the Wisconsin Supreme Court race is the topic of this article.

FEC UPDATE. Roll Call.

INVESTIGATION NO FIESTA IN AZ. Story here.The Fiesta Bowl spent $18,454 for legislators to visit Chicago in 2005 and $65,000 to visit Boston in 2008.”



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