Tuesday’s political law links I’ve collected

NEW SD FOR HOUSE ETHICS. The announcement is here.  Story here.

BIG D $ ON DIGITAL. Clickz reports.  “The Democratic National Committee has been the bigger spender thus far, dropping around $425,000 on digital. According to ClickZ Politics analysis of Federal Election Commission reports, around $301,000 went towards online advertising.”

KOCHFACTS.COM. I saw an online ad for KochFacts.com and I think it’s an interesting use of an online resource.

PARODY SITE DRAWS ATTENTION. E.politics highlights a campaign parody website here.

SENATOR ENSIGN’S FAREWELL. Roll Call reports.  “After proudly rattling off the highlights of his record, Ensign went on to confess that his years in the Senate had made him arrogant, despite his best efforts.”  Politico‘s coverage is here.

LEGAL DEFENSE FUND IN THE NEWS. Rep. Young’s fund is in the news here.  “A wealthy Louisiana businessman and his family used a dozen corporate entities to contribute a total of $60,000 to a defense fund to help Rep. Don Young fight his legal battles, which some critics say circumvented the $5,000 limits for individual donations.”

BLAGO TRIAL. News here.

ENHANCED LOBBYISTS.INFO. Press release here.  “Lobbyists.info is pleased to announce a major expansion to its Washington Representatives Online database of federal lobbying contacts. In particular, two major enhancements have taken place this week: the addition of bill data and detailed breakouts of how much money is being paid and received for lobbying services as they relate to specific firm/client relationships.”

COLORADO COFFEE CAPER. Who paid?  “Five years ago, Coloradans made it illegal for lawmakers to accept even a cup of coffee from a lobbyist, but now questions have arisen about whether legislators are complying.”



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