Here are today’s political law links for Thursday, August 25th

SUPER PACS IN THE NEWS.  The Post.  “The end result of all these developments is that candidates in 2012 stand to benefit from a vast new fundraising apparatus with far fewer restrictions than those applying to the campaigns themselves. That could be particularly important in the Republican primaries, where pro-GOP super PACs are poised to swamp tiny states such as Iowa and New Hampshire with millions of dollars in advertising early next year.”

RECORD FUNDRAISING.  Roll Call.  “Members and candidates vying for Congress in 2012 raised funds at a record-setting pace for a nonelection year, collecting more than $285 million during the first six months of 2011, according to a Federal Election Commission analysis released Wednesday.”

TWITTER CONTROVERSY.  The Post.  “Romney strategist Eric Fehrnstrom admitted on Wednesday evening to authoring the fake Twitter account @CrazyKhazei.”

PERRY’S RGA FUNDRAISING EXAMINED.  Story here.  “Perry, who chaired the governors association in 2008 and in 2011, has received more donations from the RGA than any other supporter. He collected $3 million from the RGA for his 2010 campaign and another $1 million in 2006 that was challenged by an opponent as an illegal contribution.”

BID TO WITHHOLD POLITICAL MONEY UPDATE.  WSJ Blog.  “[Starbucks Corp. CEO Howard] Schultz said Wednesday that more than 100 business leaders have joined him in a pledge to withhold campaign contributions to incumbents in Washington until Congress can strike a long-term debt deal.”

TIMES ON PERRY’S FUNDRAISING.  Here.  “Mr. Perry has long maintained there is no connection between his appointments and their contributions, but the evidence is clear on board after board.”

INFLUENCING THE MAYOR’S RACE IN SF.  Story here.  “Third-party money could be a game-changer in November as candidates try to cut through the political clutter of a crowded field. Reaching as many voters as possible with a compelling message is paramount to winning in this mayoral election where ranked-choice voting will have its first impact.”

HAVE A GREAT DAY.  The next post will appear on Monday, August 29, 2011.

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